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At the beginning, the popular Pranker (telephone hooligan) decided to help the homeless Erik. He proposed the lottery ticket to the homeless instead of giving him alms. Pranker acknowledged that he had no money, but the lottery ticket might be winning, and they headed to the nearby store in order to find out. The happening was shot on video.

Actually, the ticket was not winning, but the store owner pretending to be the cashier paid 1 thousand USD to the homeless. Erik could not believe it for a long and having received the money tried to share them with his benefactor, crying at the same time.

Once the touching video was published in the internet, Pranker created account proposing to support the homeless with the small amount o money. He planned to gather 20 USD in order to change Erik’s life forever. The amount of the supposed assistance for the current moment was 34 thousand USD.

Later, the philanthropist with the Nickname MagicofRahat told to the journalists that after the case of the lottery ticket placed the homeless at the hotel for several weeks and invited to the dinner.

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