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Nino Katamadze held a charity concert

Charity in Georgia
year ago

Nino Katamadze held a charity concert – “Our love will save us”. This charity gala concert was held in Sheraton Metekhi Palace for “Invisible children” and there participated Nino Katamadze and the band “Insight”, Nikoloz Rachveli, Evgeni Mikeladze Orchestra and “Georgian Brass”.

The donated money went completely for the charity organization – “First step Georgia” that is founded by Nino Kadagidze-Zhvania and since 15 years it serves to save disabled children, to improve the quality of their life and promote their integration into the society.

The concert was dedicated to “Home care” program that “First step Georgia” conducts and within the framework of this program it help 60 beneficiaries from socially unprotected families.

"The program “Home care” assists the children with heavy and deep mentally retarded children. Since its foundation we assisted 114 beneficiaries. Thanks to our tireless specialists and their effective work, 21 children of them study at public schools, at day centers and kindergarten. We often call these children “invisible children” because they generally live isolated from the society and they cannot leave their homes. In most of such cases the children rely on their mother and we wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that they are often rejected from the society" - The representative of "First Step Geogria" Charity organization noted.

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