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“Together side by side with life” – event to support Luka Chkhartishvili

Charity in Georgia
year ago

On July 7 17 o’clock, in the conference hall, third building of the National Library the volunteers’ organization “Together side by side with life” held a press-conference to help 12 year old Luka Chkhartishvili with the topic: “Elite silence and a role of common people in the charity”.

A charity marathon has already begun to assist Luka Chkhartishvili. We would like to reach those people who are able to finance Luka’s treatment abroad.

These are the diseases that are diagnosed in Georgia: ankle bone cancer, renal duplication, ren arcuatus (horseshoe kidney), abnormal skull, pariental bone deformation, gall bladder deformity, acute pancreatitis. During the crisis the boy falls into coma, blood pressure and temperature decrease, the organs decompose.

Luka’s health hangs by a thread, the time is running out. The processes are reversible; the boy urgently needs an accurate diagnosis and treatment abroad.

Luka is surrounded by the students and volunteers; they do their best without compensation. But it is not enough to save Luka’s life. We call on the Government and the businessmen to help Luka!

The organizers of the charity marathon are the company of volunteers:

The Foundation “Let’s do kindness together”, the charity club of the University of Georgia: Charity for People, internet marketing company Ipromoters Award – Consulting.

For further information please contact: 570 10 16 67/ 598 95 08 20

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