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The Bank of Georgia adapted the Service Centers for disabled persons

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year ago

The Bank of Georgia declared about adaptation of Service Centers for disabled person. In the framework of adaptation the entrances of Service Centers were equipped with ramps and automatic doors. For creation of adapted environment for disabled persons the Bank of Georgia assigned the adapted Service Centers with the symbol of care and kind act – “Tree of life”.

The Bank of Georgia also changed bank procedures for sightless persons and they will get service according to the same standard procedures of the bank, like other customers. The sightless customers are able to ask any third person to read the text to them. In addition, when signing a document they can use stamps for sightless persons (facsimile).

In the current year the Bank of Georgia allocated 2.3 million GEL in the framework of social liabilities, 180,000 GEL is used for adaptation of 13 key Service Centers for disabled persons.

During the next year, the Bank of Georgia will adapt up to 100 Service Center in the whole country.

About “Bank of Georgia Future Foundation”

The leading Bank, Bank of Georgia, founded a charity foundation “Bank of Georgia Future Foundation” in 2008. The aim of “Bank of Georgia Future Foundation” is to support actual issues for the society and to promote creation of the better future for the country. The priorities of the foundation are organized according to the society needs and at different times it included such topics as support of sufferers of August War and neglected children, environment protection.

The Foundation is actively supported by the partners and investors of the Bank of Georgia. Purposeful spending of money from the Foundation is supervised by the Monitoring Service formed by the Bank that closely cooperates with international, non-governmental and governmental organizations.

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