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The mother who has already lost two children is fighting to save her third son

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year ago

The mother who has already lost two children is fighting to save her third son and applies to the society for assistance.

Ia Kokhreidze’s two sons died of unidentified disease. Her third son, Giorgi, is in critical condition though there are chances to save him. The symptoms of 11 year-old Giorgi Jishkariani are: he cannot walk, he has eye problems, in addition cardiac problems, three times a week he needs a transfusion, he vomits while eating. 11 year-old Giorgi is full of life and he fights for his life every day. His brother was in a coma before he died and Giorgi was in Iashvili Clinic when he was in a coma, but he survived and was completely exhausted and jaded. Then with the assistance of kind people it was possible to save Giorgi’s life and he was sent to Germany (2013) where he underwent serious procedures, though even German doctors could make an exact diagnose of the disease. The only thing that was established in the clinics was that Giorgi’s body is devoid of Vitamin “D”. 

Giorgi’s treatment and researches were stopped because of lack of money. Giorgi is in a serious condition and he needs to go to Germany again. 

Giorgi has 30 000 EUR on the account of the clinics and he cannot go to Germany because the travel and lodging expenses during the treatment are up to 10 000 EUR. At the beginning 5 000 EUR would be enough for travel expenses. It is necessary that Giorgi’s father goes to Germany to make a final diagnosis of the boy. The kid’s condition is getting worse and if it gets heavier the expenses for transportation will increase up to 20 000 EUR. The family begs everyone to donate money for saving Giorgi’s life. 

The tragedy of Jishkariani family starts in 2003:

their son Goga Kishkariani died at 6 years old. The diagnosis couldn’t be made.

On March 6, 2013 Tengo Jishkariani died at 11 years old. The diagnosis couldn’t be made.

Giorgi Jishkariani, 11 years old, the diagnosis couldn’t be made. He’s alive!

Giorgi’s family is socially unprotected. The family charged their house with mortgage and it was sold by auction because of non-payment of the money. The family members are jobless. 

Their bank account at Bank of Georgia: GE55BG0000000294612100

the recipient is the mother: Ia Kokhreidze, personal number 6000105588

cell phone: 595 530 270.

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