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Charity and educational festival “Poemus” became international this year. Last year it supported to the children requiring care and children with leukemia by the amount collected from various types of events. “Poemus” continues charity actions this year. That times the artists from seven countries participate in the festival together with Georgian artists. 20 artists, including singers, artists, and musicians visited Georgia from Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia. Attendance on the event presented by the founder Beka Elbakidze and an artist Nino Tarkhan-Mouravi, was free or was by invitation letters.

On the international day against drug addiction the “Poemus” presented the performance “Be real” in Marjanishvili theatre. A performance festival was conducted by financial support of the public union “Bemon”, UNICEF, EU  and US Embassy.  Beka Elbakidze is the author of idea, text, staging and adaptation. In total 60 people participated in the performance. Georgian artists who participated were Giorgi Korghanashvili, Tamta Shalamberidze, Elene Kalandadze, Keti Orjonikidze and Levan Maspindzelashvili ns foreign participants were: Alesio Bond, Ditis Meril. 

Beka Elbakidze: I took the real stories about the rock stars of 60-70-80 who were died by over dosage of the drugs  and they are reconstructed in the performance. This is the voice from Georgia to World people- Drug kills. Georgian and foreign artists unite against drugs and revive Curt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Emmy Winehouse, Hit Ledger, Jean Michael Basquiat, Gia Marie Karangi and Mia Martin life.

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