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Charity is contagious!

Charity in Georgia
year ago

Three years ago, 14 years old Mariam were diagnosed with leukemia. After an intensive treatment course, the bone marrow was transplanted to the girl and now she is totally healthy. If there was no the support of kind people, both financial and moral, probably, there would not be the happy end… The people with various professions are often united for saving people with leukemia. “If we would wish,  everything will be fine”, Dito Tsintsadze is a good example for that, who defeated the leukemia with support of his colleagues.

The magazine “City” and the “Look Models” held a charity evening in the “Underwill Club” on Mtatsminda. The photos of the celebrities published in the magazine ‘the City” were purchased by the ladies who were on taken on the photos.  Invited guests were able to buy the cloths of various designers and the collected amount were transferred to the Foundation of Dito Tsintsadze for supporting of the children with leukemia. 

Eka Khoperia: “The event consisted of two parts. We have printed the photos of famous and less famous ladies, which were bought by them that evening.  The show of two designers, Avtandil Tskvitinidze and Anuki Areshidze collections took place.The key issue is that such events to be contagious and the representatives of all the sphere will unite. Do not go to the restaurant once; do not buy an expensive bag, shoes, etc. and give money to the people who need to save their lives.” 

Dito Tsintsadze: “I am glad, that this deed has been continued and many people have been involved. As more we would be more people would be saved. I would like to thank the organizers of the evening, my friends and to all the journalists who supported me. I am the example how it is possible to save life.”

Mariam, 14 years old: "Three years ago, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I treated with support of foundation and now I am totally healthy. I often participate in the events held for supporting of the children with leukemia.  It will be very good, if such events will take place frequently. Probably I understand those children who has such diagnose and I know that those children require moral support together with financial.”  If there was no the support of kind people, both financial and moral, probably, there would not be the happy end."

Irina Onashvili: "It is already 10 years since I have not been on catwalk, but for the last period this is the second time I do it… The most important thing in this evening is that the representatives of various sphere were united for the children with leukemia."

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