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Charity in Georgia
year ago

Since several years, the international organization, “Samaritan’s Purse” carries out its activities in Georgia with the assistance of religious organizations and local charity organizations. Every year, American and European children send Christmas presents to children in different developing countries with the assistance of this organization. The presents are for children till 14 years. 50 little patients at Neurorehabilitation Center received these presents from Batumi Protestant Church.

“The children are devoid of charity and attention, nobody comes to see them, they received these presents for the first time”, – Luka’s mother, Gvrituna Japaridze says. She comes from Kobuleti to rehabilitation courses.

“Three times a year he undergoes courses that are financed from state budget, although it is not enough. That is why I go to a private doctor. One course costs up to 400 GEL, if I omit one course, the previous one is not effective, that’s why we go to a private doctor for exercises”.

Lia Putkaradze lives in a social house, she has twin girls and they are coming here since five years: “I’m satisfied with this treatment though these courses are not enough; it is very difficult to find finances with two children, but I try to take an additional course. They have to become this treatment until they’re 18”.

According to the parents’ mind the treatment is more effective when the charity organizations are involved in financing together with the government. At this stage more than hundred children have treatment at Neurorehabilitation Center.

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