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Ruska Makashvili’s has a secret activity

Charity in Georgia
year ago

The name of the actress Ruska Makashvili is connected with many projects, though no one knows that she has a children’s studio, moreover a charity studio. Ruska teaches eurhythmics and plastic arts there. The founder of the studio is Ruska’s mother, the actress Tamar Makashvili.

“This idea came to my mind when I saw that wrong mentality is formed in children. I wish that the future generation is brought up correctly and children perceive the events correctly, that they understand theater and art. I always hated social stratification, despite the fact that I can belong to elite families because of my parents, but I never emphasized it, for we were brought up in a simple way. I opened this studio because I would be very happy if 5 children out of 10 were brought up so that they perceive art and theater correctly. And I didn’t do it to have a source of income. Our courses cost 50 GEL, but we have some discounts, brothers-sisters pay 80 GEL, if three children come from one family they pay 100 GEL. Though, the children from socially unprotected families pay nothing and we don’t close the door for them for not having money. This fee is for covering expenses of rent, everything else is based on enthusiasm.” – So in the statement of the actress.

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