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In the hostel for homeless 3 persons died in the last 10 days

Charity in Georgia
year ago

In the hostel for homeless located at Moscow Avenue, a 70-year-old man died on December 2.

The inhabitant of the hostel was taken by the ambulance to Ingorokva Clinic from where he was soon discharged.

The doctor who was on duty in the tent explained to the journalist of “Rustavi–2” that he could not rescue the patient.

During ten days two beneficiaries died in the hostel. The causes of death are mostly chronic diseases although except diseases people are afraid of cold winter because rain water gets into tents.

According to the inhabitants of the hostel diseases are caused by insanitary conditions. It is still unknown if the living conditions for the beneficiaries will improve or not. According to the City Hall a building will be built for homeless in 15 months.

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