Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

The charity action of a German family rescued a child from Kutaisi

Charity in Georgia
year ago

In the framework of the schoolchildren exchange program a boy from Kutaisi was sent to Saarland. There he was diagnosed with tumor. As Joni Arcadi remembers in 3 months after his arrival he had a pain in his leg.

“My leg hurt. I had some process on it and told my hosts about it. They transferred me to Hamburg Hospital where I was operated. I underwent 7 courses of treatment and currently I feel myself well”, - says 17-year-old John Arcadi.

The family of Theobald has raised the money for the boy’s treatment with the help of charity events. The amount makes up 170 thousand EUR.

It was a hard disease but we didn’t lose hope. Before we could announce about the action officially on TV or in the newspapers we could collect the money from our acquaintances and friends. Now we came here to visit our little guest and to see how he feels himself and where he lives”, - Sabrina Theobald noted.

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