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In the framework of the joint project “Week” and well-known designer Anuki Areshidze helped socially unprotected families residing in Didi Dighomi. Anunki visieed the family of Tatalashvilis and gave the family members presents.

The family of Giuli Samadashvili and Ivane Tatalashvili residing in Didi Dighomi is a socially unprotected family. In this large family 5 underage children grow, they have no other income except support for the families below the poverty line. The married couple is jobless due to their health problems.

The family hopes that the operation, that Ivane Tatalashvili needs, will be financed by the state, though additional money is required for treatment, because the government financing does not cover expenses for new analysis/examination and anaesthesia.

Anuki brought the family of Tatalashvilis sweets, warm jackets, products and paid for their gas supply.

“Such actions are very important, first of all, everyone would be happy for attention of others and especially when this attention is vitally important. It is necessary that each of us makes contribution to good work not from financial viewpoint. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such families in our country and I think it would be right if we help them with jobs so that they have an opportunity to realize oneself and grow personally”, - declared Anuki Areshidze.

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