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The police officers donated blood for children with leukemia

Charity in Georgia
year ago

The patrol-inspectors of 4th company of Patrol Division of Tbilisi Main Division, Patrol Police, participated in the project “Donate Blood Save Life” and donated blood for children suffering from leukemia.

For two years the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to actively cooperate with the Blood Bank at M. Iashvili Clinic and within the framework of memorandum concluded between two agencies the Patrol Police officers as well as other MIA units all across the country regularly donate blood for children.

Patrol Police officers, besides the scheduled blood donation, also donate blood in case of necessity in critical situations upon being notified in order to save lives of children suffering from leukemia.

By participation in the mentioned charity event, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is aimed at reduction of deficiency of  blood supplies and blood components for children suffering from leukemia.

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