Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

7 year old Buka Nikuradze needs support of the society

Charity in Georgia
year ago

He has leukemia and is being treated at Iashvili Clinic. As Buka’s mother says, his body doesn’t accept chemotherapy and the patient probably needs treatment at any European clinic for which the family has no financial means.

There is no time. The child could die. Support and voice of each of us is needed in order to transport the child from Georgia. Let’s help Buka Nikuradze.

Bank Code: - TBCBGE 22

Recipient’s name– Zaza Nikuradze

Bank account: - GE82TB7006698365100028

Those who wish to help can contact the family: 551 17 41 04 – Manana Enukidze.

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