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Fund “Cartu” donated 8 Million GEL to assist the injured

Charity in Georgia
year ago

According to Tbilisi Vice Mayor Dimitry Kumsiashvili stated today on the press-conference according to assistance plan for the people affected by the flood confirmed by Tbilisi Council applications of seven families consisting of 37 people have already been submitted. Guarantee accounts were open for the affected people on which 1 657 000 GEL will be transferred in the nearest days. Kumsiashvili expressed his gratitude to those who donated at least one GEL for the people affected by the flood.

“With the help of each of us will make it possible to provide 50 families with permanent dwellings. I would like to mention that to the moment more than 18 Million GEL has already been collected in order to provide families with dwellings, 10 Million GEL of this amount will be raised today. Especially I would like to thank International Charity Fund “Cartu” and his founder who donated additional 8 Million GEL to fulfill his obligations and accordingly that amount that was necessary to fulfill these obligations will be fully completed”, - stated Kumsiashvili.

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