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Charity action to aid one year old Demetre

Charity in Georgia
year ago
The children from the studio of the painter Zaal Sulakauri organized a charity action to help one year old Demetre and held an exhibition and sale of their works at the shopping center “GTC”. The representatives of the music shop “MI FA SI” performed background music and held a performance in costumes. 
“Our studio decided to hold a charity action and to help somebody who needs it most. In this way we learned about one year old Demetre who had respiratory failure and he had to be operated immediately in Turkey. The children were very motivated and committed. This is great happiness when somebody gets used to charity and making good from childhood. Humanity is very important. I’m happy that the children of my studio help other people with pleasure,” - stated Zaal Sulakauri. Up to 200 children of “Zaliko’s Studio”participated in the exhibition and sale. In the specially arranged pavilion they painted faces on the volunteers. Zaal Sulakauri himself painted caricatures. An auction of the paintings was held, one of the paintings was sold for 180 GEL. 
The habitants of the contact zoo “Faunaland” participated in the action as well and the visitors took photos with them. 
As a result of the exhibition 2500 GEL were collected. The money was transferred on the account of Demetre. The children of “Zaliko Studio” plan to hold such charity actions in the future.

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