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Charity in Georgia
year ago

Charity cannot develop without the assistance of kind and noble people. There are professionals who deal with it every day during many years. But only mass participation of non-indifferent people makes any problem resolvable and any good idea possible to come true.

If you keep on reading this and you have a question "How to become a volunteer?" it means that you would like to make something good! And this is the most important.

Come and have a look at what we do, what we engage in every day; tell your friends about the world they even did not imagine themselves... and neither did you!

But unlike others you have a wish to learn about it, to become one of us at least for one day, to see everything with your own eyes, to get acquainted with people who do not have anybody to take care of them and who do not just live but survive!

Come to us! Become a volunteer for one day and you will become a part of our big family, the name of which is kindness, mercy and compassion!

We are waiting for you Human!

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Tbilisi, Krtsanisskiy Region

25, Gorgasali St., second turn


032 219 33 21

+995 577 92 40 45

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