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He is my hero! And the Prosecutor's office called him a "victim"…

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year ago

He is my hero! And the Prosecutor's office called him a "victim"…

The founder of the Fund, Leonid Chernovetskyi, personally transferred  30,000 lari to Georgy Sulashvili who he had lost an eye in the struggle for the freedom of choice of a truly people's Parliament by Georgians and wrote a post on his own behalf. "My hero lost his eye, but not his conscience."

If I were the President, I would give this young man the title of hero of Georgia! It is a shame that in a country that has a crying need for a better life, as for instance in Germany, whose Constitution, according to the deputies of the Georgian Parliament (funny and sad!), does not suit Georgians in any way.

"Give Leonid Mikhailovich my heartfelt thanks. I read his posts with admiration and know that he is a great patriot of Georgia, a noble man who always stands guard over justice and honesty in the interests of our country and society. I am very grateful, thank you very much!" – said George Sulashvili during the presentation of the award.

"Thank you, too, son, for being there! I am proud to live with you on the same Land! I admire your feat!"

L. Chernovetskyi

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