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On February 25 at Rustavi City Hall Square, Rustavi youth – 19 students in particular, held the charity action in order to render assistance to the 19 years old student Naniko Khichiuri. Naniko is the student of the Grigol Robakidze University and needs to undergo quite expensive operations – transplantation of the bone marrow, and the family is not able to repay for that.

In the framework of the planned arrangements, together with Rustavi youth, the minors being in the conflict with the law participated actively.

The youth prepared the posters for the action, distributed the flyers and arranged for the mini action-concert.

In the end of the event, they shot the small video, where called for the citizens in order to get actively involved into the charity action to help Naniko Khichiuri.

The video will be allocated at Naniko’s web-page in internet, and the amount repaid from the action will be transferred to the account of the latter.

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