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Vano Javakhishvili visited “The small family-type home”

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year ago

“The small family-type home” of the foundation unexpectedly was visited by the favorite guy  Vano Javakhishvili. The children were very happy. Vano and the children competed with each other in jokes and they had great fun, they recalled old comic stories. The children got his autographs, some of them even three or four. They showed Vano their bedrooms and playroom. At the end of the visit the children demonstrated their abilities in singing and dancing and deserved applause.

The TV anchor of the well-known show promised the children that he would come back to them together with his friend – the members of Comedy Group.

The foundation is very grateful to Vano Javakhishvili and all people who showed their attention to the beneficiaries of the foundation. 

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