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Zurab Khelashvili still sends donations for the beneficiaries of “Home Care”

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year ago

The project “Home Care” continues successfully its generous activity and helps more than 300 old people every day in Tbilisi. These are people who cannot leave their houses and are in bed who need care most. The Fund helps them in everything, starting with medical remedies and finishing with the means of hygiene.

Various physical persons and organizations support the project and from them Mr. Zurab Khelashvili is to be mentioned who regularly sends cereals for the beneficiaries. In these days he sent 1000 kg cereals: 250 kg sugar, 250 kg buckwheat, 250 pasta and 250 kg rice.

The Fund expresses its gratitude to Mr. Zurab for his generosity and appeals to people to make their own contributions in assistance of poor people.

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