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With your help Zaira Gabadze is happy! image

With your help Zaira Gabadze is happy!

year ago

Lonely Zaira Gabadze couldn’t believe her eyes, when the employees of our Fund entered her room and brought her food products, blankets, mattresses, bed linens, cushions and an armchair. (https://goo.gl/mkqpOv).

Zaira couldn’t hold back and she cried of such happiness and attention.

Friends, your kindness and warmth made one more person happy. So much attention received from strange people is great happiness for single people.

You transferred 573 GEL on the name of Zaira Gabadze. She used to stay in bed whole day, she dreamt of an armchair and you made her dream come true. With this money we also bought a mattress, a warm blanket, pillows and two sets of bed linens.

Look at the photos, it’s been a long time since Mrs. Zaira had such positive feelings! Her tears of happiness are a proof for it!

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