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Friends, since 4 years our Fund has been providing vital assistance to the most unprotected citizens of our country.

We know well that the problems of the socially unprotected families with many children, which have to exist in extreme poverty. Some don’t even have loaf of bread, not to mention porridge and pasta.

Our Fund plans to open a free canteen for children from socially unprotected families with many children. It is also planned to give wholesome food to 100 children every day. For this purpose, we need an area not less than 80 sq. m at the underground station; such location will make it easier for the parents to bring their children there.

Friends, if you or your acquaintances have such building, which you could give us for free or at a token price, we shall gladly consider your proposal.

You can inform us about appropriate area on the e-mail or by telephone 032-219-33-21.

We believe you will help us!

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