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Blind Nora “saw” warmth of your hearts.

year ago

Dear friends, you might remember, that we started an action for blind, bed-ridden woman Nora Abutidze. Her story and unbearable living conditions left no one indifferent. Kind people transferred 1703 GEL on the account of our Fund for Nora Abutidze! With this sum of money we could buy for her the things, she could hardly dream of and which will make her life easier: a new comfortable armchair, a special chair – toilet, a washing machine, a cooker, a heater, two sets of linens, a warn blanket, pillows and food products.

Mrs. Nora was very happy for the attention of strange people and when our employees visited her she couldn’t help crying. She asked us not to make photos of her, because she didn’t want that somebody saw her eyes full of tears.

Grandma Nora is thankful to all strange people who took to heart her problems, showed their attention and consideration!

If you can help other beneficiaries of our Fund, you may read their stories on the web-site, for support you can transfer the money on the account of the Fund

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