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Report on assistance to the Chikvaidzes

year ago

Dear friends, you remember the large family with many children Chikvaidze ( , where 9 children live in one room. Their situation has worsened, when the head of the family broke his leg and couldn’t work anymore.

This story moved many of you. 3202 GEL were deposited on the account of the Fund to help them. After publishing their story a lot of kind people visited them. They helped them with products, medicines and necessary household items. It can be said that together we could rescue this family! You proved that completely strange people may come to help!

With the collected money we purchased many necessary things for the family of Chikvaidzes, 4 folding beds – because the children had to sleep on the floor. We bought 10 chairs, also material for assembling furniture and 19 year old Giorgi assembled it with his own hands.

Now the family lives in a flat with furniture, they do not sleep on the floor and they dine at the table. They are thankful to you and they wish health and prosperity to all kind people, who supported them in these heavy times!

If you with to help them once again, you may transfer money on the account of our Fund

GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Destination: Family of Chikvaidze) or direct from our web-site


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