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Day Center and Public Canteen

year ago

Dear friends! Very soon, on the 1st May 2017 the Day Center and the free canteen of the Chernovetskyi Fund will start its work on support of socially unprotected citizens. Here all the miserable people who lost any hope for the future and any trust in people will receive care and warmth of the others. They will get a chance for a normal life!

In the canteen of the Day Center on weekdays from 13.00 till 15.00, one will be able to eat tasty and satisfying food.

In the medical center a qualified doctor will provide support to our guests, as well as vitally necessary medicines.

Our visitors will be able to take a hot shower, have their hair cut, get new clothes.

In a large cozy room people will be able to watch films, TV shows, news, visit a library, play tabletop games or simply communicate with each other.

Our computer corner will help them communicate with their relatives and closest people via Internet, or to look for a job.

We are waiting for visitors with status of socially unprotected citizens at the address: Tbilisi, Gorgasali St., second turn, bld. No.25.

Registration for dinner is from 10.00 AM till 12.30 PM. It is obligatory to have an abstract from the Single base of socially unprotected families with you.

For detailed information please call the telephones:   (032) 2 19 33 21, +995 577 92 40 45.

And also visit our page on Facebook:

or web-site:

We are waiting for you!


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