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Holiday of sweets in "Karvasla"

year ago
We are sincerely glad that the children of our orphanages are not only fed and dressed, but also have the opportunity to study, master various skills and engage in creativity. It's how to creativity they come to cooking lessons, practice and get a great pleasure from it. And what can be more beautiful when a child is happy, smiling and believes in a miracle ?!
Recently, such a miracle happened in the shopping center "Karvasla", where our students presented for sale confectionery products of their own making! You would have seen the children's faces, surprised by the joy, when they found out that all the sweets they had prepared willingly bought and praised for the skill! Our students shone with happiness, even their cheeks flushed with joy!
Friends, thank you very much for supporting our children. For them this is a huge stimulus in life, these children in their early childhood suffered hard years, and in our children's establishment they found peace, tranquility, warmth, care and a good chance for a successful future.
We will continue to continue this kind of action, for the support of children left without parental care, their formation and development is a matter for the whole community, for each of us!
... Well, our children, with enthusiastic emotions all evening heatedly discussed - what else do they have to cook delicious and what new recipes to master! Friends, you see, this is very cool!


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