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The world is not without good people!

year ago
When we see how many good people live in small Georgia, our hearts are frozen with admiration!
We never tire of thanking those who stand beside us and extending a helping hand, praying for everyone who cares about the fate of strangers, we are just happy that every year the number of organizations that are becoming our friends and help us to do good grows. Indeed, to see the genuine emotions of our beneficiaries is an incomparable feeling!
Today we want to express our gratitude to the puppet theater named after Giorgi Mikeladze. The head of the theater Lasha Mkurnalidze and the director of the fund Elena Polishchuk have issued a memorandum of cooperation. Now our foundation and our beneficiaries, in the person of the whole theater team, have acquired true friends who will always be there and will support you in a difficult moment.
Friends, We will not be tired of thanking you for your kindness, God grant you health and prosperity of your business. On such people as you, the world is holding!


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