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“Philanthropist Sisters”

year ago
“Philanthropist Sisters”
One fine evening two sisters came to our Foundation: Kety and Natia Gersamia. They brought huge bags full of warm things that our beneficiaries need so much. This will help them to feel the warmth in the cold winter, to warm their body and soul!
These beautiful women examined our Foundation and could not hide the delight of what they saw. "Finally, everything is as it should be!" - They said. In the conversation, Kety and Naty also noted that they could not even imagine that in Georgia everything could be so in Europe!
- How long have you been doing charity?
- “Yes, for a long time, from youth.” - They looked at each other at the same time, they said.
- What prompted you to this?
Keti - Elementary humanity ... Is it possible to stand aside when you see so many needy people?
Natia - Probably a sense of responsibility and gratitude to God. Thank God for what we have so much that we can share with those who are not lucky in this life.
- Who is the kindest person in your life, who set you such an example?
Keti - Our father was the kindest whom I have just met in life. Even in the terrible nineties, he distributed bread and helped in whatever way he could. I do not know of another such person, he was possessed by good.
Natia - Yes, it’s impossible to argue with that. Together with us, still mourn his all who knew him. He was an incredible soul man.
- Are you religious people?
Keti - Yes, our family is Orthodox. For us it is very important, this is who we are. Belief in God is part of our heritage.
- How did you find our foundation?
- I confess, we never went to the Funds, because we never trusted them, heard a lot of bad things and did not want to risk. They did everything themselves, and collected, and organized, and sought the necessary funds. Of course it was more difficult ... And about your Foundation told our girlfriend. We started visiting your website, Facebook page and realized that Chernovetsky Foundation is perfect. We realized that your qualifications and attitude really all change for the better, and that you can not just be trusted, but necessary! Moreover, what we saw today with our own eyes is simply amazing.
- What would you wish to our readers?
Keti - Goodness and compassion.
Natia - Awareness of the importance of any of us as virtues. It is never too late to do good, always be ready to extend a helping hand.
These young women could not hide their joy from what they learned how many people they helped and that they finally found a Foundation that can be trusted. Now they will often participate in all sorts of charity events and they do not need to fear anything.
We will be grateful for any financial support, because even a donated lari can drastically change a person’s life for the better!
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