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The most valuable thing in life is kindness, concern, participation!

year ago
Happiness and joy fill us when we read the letters of the beneficiaries with words of gratitude. People who were in terrible conditions, in despair or in a helpless state, thank not only for financial support, but for spiritual kindness, for the fact that the Foundation's specialists - medical and social workers, volunteers, cooks - know and feel the problems of underprivileged people and constantly provide assistance.
Over the years of its work, the Chernovetsky Foundation has helped hundreds, or even thousands of people - with medicines, food, things, equipment, free lunches, provided helpless home care. But this is only one side of the medal, help can be measured in kilograms, lunch meals, number of visits, or some other quantitative units, but there are other, immeasurable and incomparable, in their values, values: kindness, care, participation, charity ...
Here are some excerpts from the letters of our beneficiaries:
“Mrs. Dali (approx. - Home Care Program Administrator), thanks to your mediation and care, I was able, out of turn, to undergo a course of physical therapy, massage and physical therapy. I thank you for your warmth and love! I feel so much better that soon I will be able to walk not with two, but with one stick. I can come to you and thank you personally. Thanks to all the staff of the Chernovetsky Fund! God bless you! ”
Naira Papuashvili, 67 years old
“I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the Chernovetsky Foundation for the mercy shown to me. The attention, care, and support that Foundation employees are showing towards people in a hopeless situation is a salvation for each of them! With what compassion the medical staff looked after me after the operation! Separately, I would like to thank the workers of the canteen for the patience and goodwill they serve the beneficiaries. ”
Eteri Pulariani, 62
“I am Sister Eliso Onikashvili, I want to bow my head in front of you as a sign of gratitude for your warmth and care! My sister had Parkinson, her thigh was broken, and for the last year she could not walk. Foundation staff doctors, nurses, social workers surrounded us with attention, and helped in the care and housework! Doctors monitored the condition of the sister every day, helped us with medicines, food! Thanks to the Foundation for the noble service to the people!
Natela Onikashvili, 74
Dozens of such letters come to us daily. In our electronic age, people write by hand, send by mail, bring in person. People thank us, our partners and sponsors, every good person who has donated to the needs of the beneficiaries. And we, in turn, are grateful to all our wards for the kind words, grateful reviews and high appreciation of our activities.
Chernovetsky Fund is always ready to lend a hand to everyone who needs help!
We urge everyone to show mercy to disadvantaged people! Even the smallest help will definitely find its addressee!
The transfer can be made to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Assignment: Home care) or pay directly from the Foundation's website
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