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That's who we should take an example from! image

That's who we should take an example from!

11 months ago

That's who we should take an example from!

The "Help a Stranger Friend" campaign is expanding!  We were amazed when we discovered that children are the most active benefactors. They are willing to give anything to their peers!  Absolutely anything! Their parents teach them the importance of sharing, and they take it literally! They are ready to share EVERYTHING with infamiliar friends who are less lucky!

Do you know how joyfully they do it? Do you know how their eyes shine? And when these kids received Young Benefactors Diplomas for their kind deeds, their happiness knew no bounds! They will grow up to be successful individuals, and we hope they will always keep their first diploma in the most prominent place because they are heroes from early childhood! 

The Chernovetskyi Fund wants to express its gratitude to the team of the "" kindergarten and its founders:  Tamara Julakidze and Mikhail Mgvdeladze, for their charitable assistance and active collaboration!

You are raising true heroes! By instilling qualities such as love for others, empathy, and compassion from early childhood, you are making this world a little bit better!

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