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The Fund Helped Large Families Get through the Winter

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year ago

Due to cruel climactic conditions in some of the regions of Georgia, the winter season is very harsh on some large families.

Astronomical expenses for poverty stricken families for utility services and warm clothes make the already difficult situation even more difficult. The Fund Social Partnership with the aim of making life more bearable for poverty stricken families presented these families with financial aid and transferred money to them and through this made their no-way out situation more bearable.

Large families, in which there are 7 and more children, frequently are not receiving elementary and necessary subsistence and clothing resources. The aim of the Fund is to do all that it is possible in order that the next generation will be healthy and adequate, and will be valuable to their families, their country and the society.  

The Fund is turning to you with the request of helping in any way possible these poor people, which are living in extreme poverty and despair.  

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