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Assistance of Ukrainian migrants

Ukrainian Fund News
year ago

Hundreds of families migrated from dangerous regions where antiterrorist operations are conducted. In their yards the shells explode every day and people die on the streets... The documents, a little money and a bag with private things – this is all these families could take from the conflict zone.

Many people have relatives in the Ukraine who sheltered them. But more and more families apply to us who have no place to stay over and they are forced to start from the beginning. In due course they will find jobs and temporary places of residence, but now without help of their fellow countrymen it will be more difficult for them to overwhelm this complicated situation.

The aim of the Fund is to join efforts and to assist these families to solve urgent requirements. We shall supply them with food, medications and clothes – this is our first step!

Now such families found shelter in health resorts in Kiev, in Chernigov, in Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd. The number of migrated families increases daily. Our Fund could help some of them, but without your support it will be difficult to cope with the troubles!

The Fund appeals to all those people who have an opportunity to shelter, to feed it or help find a job even if it is one family – don’t be indifferent towards misfortune of our fellow countrymen! With joint efforts we can help our brothers and sisters to escape from the difficult situation!

You can assist the migrants if you support the project “Assistance of Ukrainian migrants”!

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