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Union of the Ukrainian and Georgian cultures in order to assist wounded warriors

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year ago

On November 8, a charity cultural-patriotic event-“help the wounded”-took place at the Central Officers’ House of Kiev, which was organized by our fund. The event was held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Georgian Embassy in Ukraine and the public association of Ukraine-“Georgia”.

The purpose of the event was to purchase the medicines necessary to the warriors injured in the Atho area. The above-mentioned event is not the first initiative of this kind of the fund. In the Mechnikov Hospital of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, antibiotics having a value of more than 300 000 hryvnia gave already been distributed for the benefit of the wounded warriors.

Every patriot came in the Officers’ House to support the event had the opportunity to contribute in the honorable act of helping wounded warriors. An exhibition including artworks and folk crafts of children from large families, poor families and orphans, as well as folk artists was organized in the building hall. Guests had the opportunity not only to review the artworks, but also to purchase them. The most popular artworks were those decorated with national symbols. Hundreds of guests contributed in the act of purchasing medicines for wounded warriors-the guests included old as well as young people and of course, Ukrainian honored culture figures: Oleg Pinchuk, Dimitri Oskin, Vladali Tovchenko and others.

The Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine-Mikheil Ukleba made a speech in the Ukrainian language and conquered the hearts of the present society from the first words. He mentioned that nowadays, the consolidation of the society is very important and similar events allow us to express our assistance and support, including financial support, because the income received will be used for the fast recovery of the soldiers wounded in the Atho area.

The best folklore collectives, Georgian and Ukrainian pop singers also expressed their wish to help and support the wounded soldiers. The guests were met in the hall by the honored ensemble of dance and song of the Ukrainian armed forces. Artists of two friend countries competed in folklore dance performance-the Academic Theatre of Ukrainian Folklore of Kiev-“Bereginia” and the Georgian folk dance ensemble-“Iberieli”. This evening, Ukrainian, already almost folkloric songs sounded especially nice, performed by Georgian and Ukrainian singers: the honored artist of Ukraine-Irina Odolska performed “Malvi”, the young vocalist-Sonia Zlotnik performed “Chornobrivtsi” in contemporary style. The most applauses went to the finalist of “Goloskraina”, Shmagi Tagiashvili, with his song-“Cheremshina”, in which, the young performer included Georgian charm. Emotions, storm and tears were caused by the performance of Angelica Rudnitskaia. The following artists also took part in the concert: Kiril Okhrimenko, Anna Singaevskaia, Lida Kobil, Andrei Ishchenko and the honored artist of Ukraine-Vladimir Talashko. During the final part of the program, the honored artist of Ukraine, Irina Bilik stepped on the stage. Since the first song, the public forgot about the difficulties at least for a few minutes and they started not only singing, but also dancing, young spectators and solid audience as well. All the artists performed during the concert for free. Furthermore, many of them significantly contributed in collecting money.

Irina Bilik admitted after the end of the concert: “when I received the proposal to participate in a charity event, I did not hesitate even for one minute, I immediately gave my consent. In this difficult period for Ukraine, it is very important to express attention and kindness to close people. In particular people who expect assistance from us. We would be able to help the people who need it the most, only by joining our efforts!”

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