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Dear death, please take us together!

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December 27, 2022
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Otar: If she dies - I will follow her; if I die - she will not be able to live even a single day without me. That’s it. We barely live out our days, we keep each other afloat. I'd love to die, but I can't leave her alone - so, I endure pain and all the suffering. I promised her 40 years ago that I would be with her in sorrow and joy, I would cherish her. And I keep my word.
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$ 1,576.02
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გიგა ჭონიაშვილი
a month ago
$ 1.94
მარიამი ვარდოსანიძე
a month ago
$ 0.39
პროსოლოვიჩ ალექსანდრა
a month ago
$ 11.65
ციალა პეპანაშვილი
a month ago
$ 19.41
ბერიძე ანა
a month ago
$ 0.39
ჯაიანი ქეთევან
a month ago
$ 7.77
#Ill adults

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