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I don't want to be superfluous and I don't want to hide from the landlady

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March 13, 2023
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Andria puts his hand into a grater and grates it like a vegetable until scratches with blood appear, then he bites his both hands hard. This closet, where he and his sister are locked up all day, while their mother Tea is at work, infuriates him. Ana watches all day long as her brother sways from side to side and bites his hands. There is a strong smell of urine in the room, because 12-year-old Andria has run out of diapers.
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I don't want to be superfluous and I don't want to hide from the landlady 


Andria suffers greatly from being locked up. In desperation, he howls and bites his hands

Andria puts his hand into a grater and grates it like a vegetable until scratches with blood appear, then he bites his both hands hard. This closet, where he and his sister are locked up all day, while their mother Tea is at work, infuriates him. Ana watches all day long as her brother sways from side to side and bites his hands. There is a strong smell of urine in the room, because 12-year-old Andria has run out of diapers.

Ani cannot go out even for a minute. If Andria has an epileptic attack, she will have no time. She didn’t have time that day - Andria’s head got split like a nut. She screamed and called her neighbor, and there was more and more blood. It no longer flowed in droplets, but in a trickle. Now Andria has five stitches on his head. Ani doesn't need anything: no people, no friends, no school, just Andria to be alive.

Ani has another brother, Nika, but the landlady of this closet said that he was superfluous and that she would not let more than three people in here. Nothing fits here anyway: no water tap, no gas, no refrigerator, no toilet, no shower - that’s why they have none of that.

The disease burned down Andria's brain. He has severe mental retardation

Tea: Our window is open all the time. (shesays it apologetically.) What can I do? I can’t buy so many diapers. Andria wets his pants all the time. And I can’t wash him every time.

- Here is no place to wash up. Are shower and toilet in the yard?

Tea: Do you have a flashlight on your phone? Light it up here, please. (Goes out into the yard, opens the door of a wooden toilet with a hole in the floor). It's dark here at night. A tap is in the yard. It is one for six families. We wash up in our room, in a basin, and when we need to wash our hair, we go to our friends’ place.

A universal tap for washing dishes, making laundry, and baths. One for six families

When you got to this old-school toilet you need a flashlight

- This room of yours is just terrible! It is not suited for life.

Tea: Even this room is too expensive to me. It is time to pay our monthly rent - 200 GEL, and I keep hiding from our landlady. She can get angry and kick us out from here. Nikusha lives here secretly. Our deal was about three persons.

Six families live in a barrack with a ceiling the height of a man!

- Who sentenced you to such a life? I think it would be easier to stay in a countryside.

Tea: I need a job to feed my three children, and the only place in Georgia where you can find job - is a capital. Proper doctors for my children are also in Tbilisi. Both of my sons suffer from epilepsy since birth. Epilepsy turned Andria into a completely disabled person, a cripple. It kept burning his brain cells until it completely burned them down. It did not leave even a little bit - to let him eat, dress, and talk independently. He was born on December 29. There was great joy in our family - we celebrated the birth of our son and the New Year together. And then suddenly he began to scream and turned black. His head leaned to one side, his eyes rolled up... And we found ourselves in the clutches of bad doctors. They cured us to the point that until the age of four my boy lay like a log, indifferent to everything.

Andria is 12 years old. But you can’t take your eyes off him, because he can go into the street and then not find his way home, he can break his head 

Nikusha started having the symptoms at the age of 11 months, it was the same nightmare. But he suffered less. He goes to a regular school, he studies mediocre. Until he speaks, you will never guess about something wrong with him. In the summer, unkind people noticed him while I was at work and did something bad.

- What happened, Nikusha?

Nika (9-year-old): Uncle in the park gave me something to drink, he said it was delicious and sweet. He gave me condensed milk.

Tea: Condensed milk? Bustard! Some bustard gave my son cannamilk - a drug. Of course, he drank it because there was nothing sweet at home. I noticed that my child was not himself - he ate and could not stop. At three o’clock in the morning he got up and went out somewhere. Then he stopped recognizing us. He asked me: “Who are you?” We went through terrible days. We spent four days in an intensive care unit. Nikusha was all black, his head was swollen, he was mad, he threw doctors in different directions. My boy takes epilepsy medications constantly, he feels so sick. My both sons are sick, and they take medications all the time. Why they laughed at my grief like that?!

Nikusha: This uncle told me: “I am already old - you will be my pupil’.

Nikusha is very kind and naive boy. Drug addicts almost killed him while his mother was at work.

-  It's a wonder the earth doesn't open and swallow him!

Tea: He’s already in jail. God sees everything. These are the things that happen while I go to work. But how not to work? They need food, diapers as well, medications, I need to pay for this closet, utilities ... I work, but my heart hurts. What if Ani can't cope with Andria's attack? What if they're in the hospital right now? Did Nikusha come home from school? Didn't those junkies catch him on the way? I wish I could earn at least something. But my children see nothing but poverty. I feel very sorry for my daughter. Ani often misses school to help me. She is such a beauty, but I can neither dress her nor give her an education. She, too, has closed herself, and speaks little. It is hard for her to be all day long with her sick brother alone. I'm afraid she might get sick from the stress. There is not even a TV to distract you a little. I am very worried about my three children.

The radiant beauty Ana lives in a closet, like a recluse. She has no friends, no normal studies, no communication

 Ana spends all day watching for Andria, who bites his hands and grumbles in anger. She doesn't talk much anymore

Andria bites himself until he is bruised and bloody

Many people turned their backs on me when I divorced with my husband. I have often heard: “You shouldn’t have had three if you didn’t have the financial means to raise them.” Or they said: “Since there are so many children, it was necessary to save the family.” Please don't say it to me, don't hurt me so much.

Ani: I told my mother "Let's leave!" I was scared all the time.

- Scared of what, Ani?

Ani: They shouted and quarreled at home. Dad did not let mom sleep at night, he woke her up to swear. When he beat my mother, I also screamed a lot. I even wanted to do something bad to myself - to jump from the balcony.

Ani remembers well why she and her mother had to leave...

- Stop, Ani, I got it.

Tea: When my child said this, I started worrying for her psyche. And it's so hard when you have two sick children, and all your attention and nerves go there. There is no strength left for any quarrels. 

 Thea now lives only for her children and gives all her energy and time only to them

My husband's mother worries about her grandchildren, supports me as best she can. She is a good woman. Many people helped us to survive. The director of the day center in Senaki, which Andria used to attend, let us live in her closed house. We lived there for two years. My neighbor offered me to bring my laundry to her place. She is such a warm woman! If she didn't have a washing machine, she would do laundry with hands. She pities us so much, she wants to help us so much. Our neighbors  gave us a Christmas tree. When Andria broke his head and the blood did not stop, the neighbors were the first to come and help Ani to call an ambulance. I hope for our people that we will not leave each other to die. Today you will help me, and tomorrow I will help someone who is in trouble. That’s the point.

"Sewn" head of Andria

- Nikusha, what is your New Year wish?

Nikusha: To have such an apartment where I no longer hide, and they can show me. I am a good boy, and handsome, and smart, but our landlady does not want me.

- What a cute boy!

Nikusha: So that we could bathe, watch TV. This landlady did not give us anything.

- We will give you whatever is necessary, we will discuss it with your mother.

Tea: Give us food, because my boys take strong medications, and when they are hungry, it affects the liver. Also diapers so that my Andrija was a clean boy. And beds. God, they're all pissed. And a TV so my kids don't go crazy in this prison.


Mama Tea does her best. If it were possible to survive on social allowance and disability pension, our Fund would not have so much work. Our people would not agree to live in such humiliating conditions. And now the radiant beauty Ana gets lost in this miserable closet deprived of school and friends. Nine-year-old Nikusha was almost killed by drug addicts. Andria does not have a shower, diapers, and he is annoyed by his own uncleanness. We do not want Georgian children to live like this, we won’t let this happen! We take the Torchinava family under our protection and all together we will take care of them.

It will be great if you visit them personally after the New Year holidays. Their address is:38 Monk Gabriel Salosi Avenue.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make Marina believe that miracles happen, that she can live in a warm and cozy home and have a lot of food! They believe in us. Don’t let them down! Show her what generous people live in Georgia!

We are sure that all together we will manage to give them unforgettable moments.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge.

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(Purpose: The Torchinava family)

You can also transfer money from our website: «TБC Bank» (GeoPay), «Bank of Georgia» (e-commerce), «Liberty Bank» (PayGe), PayPal.

 It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay, ExpressPay and PayBox (OPPA) terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (you can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link https://goo.gl/GY2Gus).

We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chernovetskyi.fund/ and Telegram: https://t.me/ChernovetskyiFund

Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life:  0901200270   God bless you!

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