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The suffering of her soul and body is unbearable!

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August 21, 2023
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The feet of the unfortunate and kind-hearted Mariam have never touched the ground... Over the course of 20 years, her spine has curved to such an extent that her chest meets her knees. She has sores on her feet that bleed, it's hard for her to breathe, every movement is challenging for her, but she is a person who knows how to struggle even in such dire conditions.... Decades have passed, but the curved spine and the wheelchair haven't become symbols of her life. She herself has become a symbol of unwavering determination, a symbol of willpower that inspires everyone around her to fight for their dreams, even when circumstances seem incredibly challenging.
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In Bank of Georgia
In TBC Bank
In Liberty Bank
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$ 2,783.29
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
ჭკუასელი თეა
4 days ago
$ 1.87
ყვარელაშვილი შორენა
7 days ago
$ 1.87
ქართველიშვილი ერეკლე
a month ago
$ 1.87
მეგი ნაზღაიძე
2 months ago
$ 1.12
ნინო გაბიძაშვილი
2 months ago
$ 3.75
გიორგი გოგოლაძე
2 months ago
$ 1.87
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