Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

I do not want my children to grow up in poverty!

There are not enough beds at all, so the kids have to sleep on the boards laid on the bricks!
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Tamara Okruadze, the mother of 5 wonderful children, turned to our Charity Foundation for help.
9 years ago I started a family and lived in the village. But their family was growing up; it was getting harder and harder to live in a village house with relatives: there was barely enough money for basic products. To feed themselves, the parents decided to transport the children to the city.
Now the Okruadze family lives in the city of Ozurgeti, in the unfinished house of their parents. Although, looking at their home, it is difficult to use the word "lives"! The house is absolutely unsuitable for people! The roof is covered in holes, water pours from the ceiling in the rain, and on such days the whole house is filled with basins and buckets. It is almost impossible to heat this house in winter: there are huge cracks in the walls, and the wind walks in the rooms. Sex is a separate huge problem! It's just not there! 7 people huddle in one room with windows!
There are not enough beds at all, so the kids have to sleep on the boards laid on the bricks!
It is in such terrible conditions that five children live - the younger generation of our country, the future of the Georgian nation!
All children are educated, beautiful, intelligent and caring. The only dream they have is plenty to eat!
Elgudzhe is 8 years old, Mate is 7, Anastasia has just turned 4 years old. Mariama -3. And the smallest Lila is only 10 months old!
Day-to-day meals for children are pasta and sometimes potatoes. For months they have not seen meat or dairy products. And about sweets and sweets, they never tried!
And they all dream of getting out of terrible poverty and hopeless darkness! They just need to help with this now!
The Okruadze family is in dire need of food and children's medicine, clothing, shoes, school supplies, and normal cots, instead of cold and hard boards on bricks!
We call on all sensitive people to extend a helping hand to a large family in the most difficult period of their lives!
If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance to these poor people, you can transfer money to the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Okruadze Family) or pay directly from our site
Do not remain indifferent, do good for these wonderful children, and it will definitely return to you and to your children!