Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Being an old man in Georgia is the biggest test!

Several years ago, Mr. Suliko's wife died, he lost his only close person. Because of his experiences, he became blind ...
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“But the whole country once knew me. Both respected and appreciated and listened to my opinion "- in these words one can catch the whole tragedy of the situation, the whole bitter truth of human life ...
Suliko Nikabadze was born in the village of Partsanakanebi in 1939, studied, worked, served in the army, from 1966 he was the director of a sports school and played in the football team "Torpedo" in Kutaisi. There was a lot of things in his life, he did a lot of good things for his country and for his beloved city.
He became very young, and then forgot about him ...
Several years ago, Mr. Suliko's wife died, he lost his only close person. Because of his experiences, he became blind ... the only soulmate he has left is a lonely old sister who suffers from a severe form of multiple sclerosis. They try, care about each other as they can, but every day it becomes harder and more unbearable ...
They barely move, cannot even cook their own food ... sit down so side by side, talk, cry, remember how happy they were, how many people came to their house ... and now they are completely alone, weeks pass and no one remembers about them.
Knowing about the sufferings of Suliko, we asked him: Do you believe in the goodness of strangers?
- Of course, if it were not for them, we would not have been alive for a long time. But I am ashamed to turn to anyone for help, but there is no way out ... ”the man replied sadly.
In our small country there are a lot of such ruined destinies. When they are healthy, physically strong, capable of benefiting, then they are all needed, but as soon as they get sick, become old and weak, everyone immediately forget about them.
It happened to our beneficiary, but when we asked who he would like to talk to, maybe he had offended anyone for his life and would like to apologize, he replied:
- Unfortunately, all these people have already left this world ... I hope “There” I will meet with them. I will thank someone, I will ask someone to forgive me ... I don’t know why I was left alone ... I probably didn’t think about it ... when you are young and successful, about old age, and you never think about such old age. My wife and I were not lucky, there were no children, God probably conceived that way.
- What did you dream about, and do you dream of anything today?
- I dreamed of a sports career, a large family, I wanted to have many children ... and now, I dream not to die of hunger and cold like a dog ...
Our followers, to you, friends, Suliko said goodbye:
- It used to seem that life is short, but now it seems that it stretches endlessly when you are sick and lonely ... but we have already come to terms with this, because nothing lasts forever ... but my sister and I want to live the last days like decent people and not like a dog thrown into the street. And I wish your Readers that they never experience the grief of loneliness and worthlessness ...
 We appeal to you friends, put all your important affairs for a moment, take a look at the photos of the old people, manage to see their eyes full of tears and pain ... Unfortunately, many have already left this world in complete poverty, and we have a chance to take care of those who are still alive and who needs our help more than life!
You have already once taken to heart the history of these lonely old people, but they need our help again!
We have nothing more to add, this is the cry of the soul of the unfortunate, lonely old people.
If you live in the neighborhood, and you have a desire to visit these old people, you will give them invaluable help. Help them with cleaning the house, bring them a hot dinner ... This will save two old people doomed to death!
We call all non-indifferent, empathetic people, money to buy products, hygiene products and two beds, bed linen. You can transfer to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Suliko Nikabadze) or pay directly from the Foundation's website https://chernovetskykytikytikytikytikytikytikytikytikytikytikytikytikykyhivkykyenthyehivkykyffi / projects /
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Let's be kind to our old people, setting an example to our children, because we, too, will soon grow old. Good deeds are the blessings of the Lord God!