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It is a true challenge to be an old man in Georgia!

Several years ago, Mr. Suliko's wife died, he lost his only close person. Because of his experiences, he became blind ...
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"I used to be known by every person in my country. I was praised and honored, and my opinion was important..." – These words show us the entire tragedy of his situation and the whole bitter truth of a human life. 

Suliko Nikabadze was born in Partsanakanebi village in 1939. He went to school, and then worked, served at the army and since 1966 he became an director of a sportive school and played for Torpedo football team of the city of Kutaisi. There were quite a lot of events in his life. He did many good things for his country and his beloved city.

He became famous yet being young, and then everyone forgot about him.

Several years ago the wife of Mr. Suliko died. He lost his only close relative. Due to much stress he lost his eyesight. The only bosom friend who has left for him is the lonely old sister who has a severe form of disseminated sclerosis. They do their best to take care of each other as much as they can, but every day it gets harder and harder...

They can hardly move and they are unable to prepare food for themselves. They just sit there all two, talking, crying, recalling of their happy past and the many guests who used to visit them... Now they are totally alone and weeks are passing by without anyone recalling of them.

When we learned about Suliko's sufferings we asked him: Do you believe that strangers can be good to you?

– Certainly, otherwise we would have already died. But I feel ashamed of addressing anyone for assistance. But it seems that I have no other choice left... – Answered the man sadly.

There are many such ruined destinies in our country. When they are healthy, strong and able to make benefit they are welcome, but as soon as they get ill, old and feeble everybody forgets them.

So it happened to our beneficiary, but when we wondered who he would like to talk, or maybe he had offended somebody once in his life and whether he would like to say sorry, he answered:

– Unfortunately, all these people have died... I hope to meet them on the other side. I will say thank you to some and sorry to some others. I don't know why I was left alone. Maybe I never gave it a thought. When you are young and successful you never think of your old days, especially such old days. My wife and I were unlucky: we never had children. Maybe it was God's decision. 

– What are you dreaming of? Are you dreaming of anything today? 

I used to dream of a career in sports, of a big family... I used to dream to have many children. Now I am dreaming of not dying of coldness and hunger as a dog...

Suliko told you, our subscribers, as his farewell:

– It seemed to me that life is short, and now it seems creeping endlessly, when you are old and sick... But I am used to it as nothing is eternal. But my sister and I would like to live our last days decently, and not as stray dogs. I would wish your readers to never feel sorrow of loneliness and helplessness.

  Dear friends, please put away your important affairs for a while and have a look at the photos of these old people. Try to see their eyes with tears and pain in them... Unfortunately, many of such old people have already left this world in total poverty, and we have a chance still to take care of those who are still alive and who needs our help very much!

You have already taken the story of these two old people to heart, but they need your help once again!

We have nothing to add. This is a desperate cry for help of poor lonely old people. 

If you live nearby and you have a willing to visit these old people you will give them enormous assistance. Help them to clean the house or bring them a hot meal... You will save the two doomed old people from dying!

We urge all sympathetic people to donate money for food, hygiene products and two beds with bed clothes to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Suliko Nikabadze) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

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Let us be good to our old people showing an example to our children, as soon enough we will grow old as well. Good deeds are God’s blessing.