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New Year without a roof over your head

The evening of October 24, 2017 for the Glonti family turned out to be fatal - their two-story house burned down. 6 people left on the street without livel
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There is only hope, - because she dies last! Do not let her die, friends!
We in the foundation believe in the kindness of people, so we publish such stories here! And if God forbid, which of you is bad now - look at this photo and the faces of these beautiful kids! Is it really worse for children, have they really deserved a worse future than our own children!
We sincerely believe that none of the good people who read our very sad story of our children will remain indifferent! We do not believe that a real person, a real citizen of a proud Georgia can remain indifferent to the pain of other people and the New Year’s price is worthless to all our pompous toasts about the Motherland, friendship and love, if we don’t really show that same love!
Trouble, friends, can happen to anyone! And every suffering person, and especially children, has the right to rely on the help of his countrymen! After all, we are people and sent to the earth to take care not only of ourselves, but also of those who are near! It is these people who the Lord loves and gives them the test of faith, hope and love! “Love your neighbor as yourself !!!” the Almighty tells us every day! It is a pity that not all and always hear it!
We talked to Inga Glonti, the mother of three children:
- Inga, tell me, did anyone help your family after the fire?
Inga: the neighbors helped ... In spite of the fact that the people in our village are poor, many responded to our misfortune, brought food, clothes, who could ... But it’s impossible to constantly provide help when there is actually nothing at all .... Recently, local authorities blocked our house with a new roof. Many thanks to everyone, but as long as it’s impossible to live in the house, there are no windows and doors, there is no gender ... well, there is nothing ... And we are poor people, there is no income ...
- And where do you live?
Inga: My God, what happiness is when there is someone to rely on. We were sheltered by relatives, very kind people. They themselves need it, but they did not close their eyes to our grief ...
- What do you live on?
Inga: we receive social benefits, grandfather - retirement. Here is all our income. My husband cannot work, he is a sick person. Grandpa is not able to move independently. I myself am pregnant, in May we are waiting for the 4th child.
- How old are the children?
Inga: boys are 9 and 7, respectively, and the girl is 5. They are very worried, especially the guys. Rati, the eldest son, recently asked: “Mom, why are we so punished?” ...
- What do you need most now?
Inga: we need, of course, everything ... There is no basic furniture, we need repairs, there is no bed linen ... But most of all at this stage we need food and hygiene products for an elderly sick person, because we have a heavy burden on our relatives ...
- Do you want to appeal to our readers?
Inga: I appeal to you, good people, asking - help! Do not let me die of hunger ... I really do not know if the expected child will be born healthy when I live in need and constant stress.
Friends, the Glonti family survived the fire, but lost all their belongings. If we do not help them now, they will lose hope too! This should not be allowed. These are our fellow citizens, our compatriots, our children ... They will have to build their lives anew. Therefore, let’s take their pain to heart and help you get out of this dreadful situation! You can visit them, sympathize with them, help them financially, reassure them, tell their friends and relatives about their troubles!
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Love is a gift from God. She is not in our power. We can only have the intention to love, and the Lord helps in this.