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Good people are our last hope!

Rotten walls and a leaky roof – the building in the Tbilisi district of Lilo can hardly even be called a home.
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Rotten walls and a leaky roof – the building in the Tbilisi district of Lilo can hardly even be called a home. But for the Mchedlishvili family this dilapidated barrack, which can fall down as a card house at any moment, has been their weak protection from the bad weather for more than 18 years. 

Once Lali Mchedlishvili and his teenage son were placed in a barrack on the outskirts of Tbilisi as a temporary measure, but it turned out that there was nothing more permanent. Ioseb Mchedlishvili grew up here, got married and now lives with his wife, three children and mother in the barrack. 

- Lali, how do you live here? 

- Words are not enough to describe the conditions in which we live. There are no toilets in the barracks, only outside. There is neither shower, nor a bathtub – we wash in basins taking water from stand-pipes. The house is somehow heated with a wooden stove. But there are so many cracks that the heat does not stay inside for long. And we cannot move as we have no money to pay for a rented apartment in the city.

It is hard to believe that such a building can still exist in the capital of Georgia. The six people are living in terrible conditions: the house is trembling with gusts of wind, the ceiling is leaking, everything around is collapsing, the floor is falling down, the walls are unsteady. The Mchedlishvili do not even dream that they will be resettled in some better conditions: repair of what they already have would be enough. But they have no means to repair the dilapidated building. 

- Lali, did you ask for help, did you address anyone?

- Wherever we appealed nobody cared; good people are our last hope. We don't even have neighbors around to help. One kind man who lives nearby, gave us some poles, we propped the roof with them. But this is a temporary measure; we need boards and other building materials. Everything is falling apart, everything collapses, cracks are everywhere. If only one room could be made fit to live in.

The family has three children: Gela, 9 years old, George, 7 years old and Nino, 5 years old. Their Grandma worries about their lives every day. Recently, the family experienced an unpleasant incident.

- There was strong wind outside, a board fell from the roof onto Gela, hitting him on the head. God saved the boy! Thank God, there was no serious injury!

And children... Even in the most intolerable conditions they remain to be children with their dreams. 

- Kids, what do you dream about? 

 - You might find it funny, but I want to become a policeman and take care of justice. This is my biggest dream. I even imagine myself in a police uniform. 

- And my sister has not yet decided what we become. Do you know what we dream about the most? We dream of a bicycle. One for two is probably enough. 

– No, no, – the conversation was broken by little Nino, – I've changed my mind, I want a doll with beautiful dresses. So that she has two dresses, or rather three... I don't have them, and the doll will, and I will call her Nina.

We can provide assistance to the Mchedlishvili. These poor people do not need much – only a firm house and a good roof over the head! Any financial support, even the smallest one, can become their salvation! 

You can deposit your financial assistance to help the Mchedlishvili to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: the Mchedlishvili Family) or pay directly from our web-site. 

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