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Shota Kochlamazashvili

My dream is not to choke and keep active!
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“Once, so long ago, it seems that it was in a past life, I worked as a driver, was a joker, a ringleader for family and friends, loved to joke a lot and receive guests. But the cheerful feast in our house has not been laid for a long time, ”Shota Kochlamazashvili says with great sadness in his eyes.
The health of the 72-year-old Shota Kochlamazashvili seriously declined several years ago. He never regretted himself; a caring husband and father put all his strength into the struggle for the welfare of the family. The hard 90s made themselves felt after many years. The health of our beneficiary is terrifying! Shota is ill with diabetes, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis with respiratory failure, as well as a severe form of gout.
Even in his youth, Shota Kochlamazashvili had weak lungs, and his long stay in a damp, cold room completely undermined his health. In order to support his family, he opened a glassware reception center in the basement near the house, and stayed there from morning till evening.
Shota Kochlamazashvili’s last year cannot even stand up anymore, the disease has chained him to bed. A spouse is caring for a sick husband. We talked with the beneficiaries of the Foundation, asked to talk about the most difficult minutes of their lives.
- Mrs. Nanuli, we know that your health is in poor condition, how do you manage to find strength to take care of your spouse with such attention?
- It's all about big love and respect. We have a close-knit family, we have two daughters, both are married, but live far away - one in Telavi, the other closer, in Rustavi. Girls often visit us with their grandchildren, they just can't help us. They have a hard life, there is no work and no steady income.
In a seriously ill Shota Kochlamazashvili, gout periodically worsens, the man suffers from severe pain in the joints, asthma attacks, and the ambulance team visits the beneficiary sometimes several times a day. The family somehow managed to get an expensive medical device - an oxygen condenser. This reduced the frequency of attacks, but helped to completely solve the problem. Caring wife Nanuli hardly sleeps at night, she has to control breathing and blood sugar levels of her beloved husband. Like Shota, she also suffers from diabetes, besides this she suffers from varicose veins. Recently, there were serious problems with the spine. Nanuli have to raise a spouse, change diapers, underwear. And yet in their poor home, despite all the burden of life, the woman maintains cleanliness and order.
- Nanuli, tell me, on what means does your family live?
- My husband is constantly in need of taking medication, two pensions and social benefits are not enough even for food and utility bills. And we have a big problem with food. Because of diabetes, we can’t eat anything we want, and all the more we can’t do what is a budget food option - pasta, bread, and so on. And we have no money for dietary products! How to survive in such a situation?
The medical workers of the Foundation constantly visit the beneficiary, monitor his condition. At first, when Shota could still get out of bed, our doctors gave him a course of massage and physical therapy, but now, in his current position, this is no longer possible. The movement is the only thing Shota Kochlamazashvili dreams of.
- Mr. Shota, what do you miss most in life?
- Despite the fact that my condition today can be assessed as a state of moderate severity, I was tired of helplessness! I am tired of constantly experiencing a lack of air, I dream to breathe normally, not to choke and lead an active lifestyle!
Friends, you see, there is no greater happiness than helping those who are near!
The Kochlamazashvili family needs your support! Two spouses loving each other need our attention and help!
Shota Kochlamazashvili needs medicines, food, the most basic things in order to lead a full life!
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