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We do not give up, but the strength to fight is gone

In the old wreck, which is about to collapse, a large family suffers very much: a young mother and her six babies.
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We have seen anything in our work, but such ...! This horror!
In one room in which there is a stove, they sleep, so as not to freeze: here they eat, they learn lessons.
In this building there are huge rats everywhere! In order to somehow protect against them, Lala puts trap traps and constantly watches carefully so that her favorite children do not get into them! They also brought a cat ... "she pleases and warms and protects" - say the children ...
The Tsindeliani family is so poor that the children do not have enough clothes, shoes and school supplies! And while good people do not bring them, - the kids miss school!
Talking about their troubles, our wards open their souls to us, setting forth the most intimate things about themselves. We sometimes have to ask people about something very personal, very sick, in order to understand what kind of help they need. And these people trust us with their fears and experiences, in the hope of help and simple sympathy.
It is difficult to hold back emotions at the sight of how mom tries to maintain a good mood, so that children do not lose heart! “Everything will be fine, God is with us, I have you and this is enough for me,” says mother to the children, and she has tears in her eyes. - “We do not give up, but the strength to fight is gone!”
“How do you live here, Lala, is it just dangerous?”
- Every evening, we move the beds and fall asleep all together, hugging tightly to warm each other. The house has a wood-burning stove, but most often there is nothing to sink it. Buying firewood we can not afford.
- Lala tell about yourself, talking to you is not difficult to notice that you have not always lived like that!
- I am a refugee from Abkhazia. An accountant by profession, always worked and even could help others ... but you know, nothing lasts forever in this world ... from her first husband barely left alive. He beat me, I even lost my hearing in one ear.
The second was a wonderful person, he loved me and my children, we were so good ...
But two years ago, he disappeared without any news, the police were looking for him, Interpol ... but they did not find him. For me and for the children, he is alive and we are waiting for him.
- Lala, tell me, did you turn to state bodies, to the deputy for whom you voted, asked for help?
- Nobody pays attention to us! I asked to insert the glass in the window! Children are freezing! I applied for one-time assistance for firewood and food. Useless! After our rescue from Abkhazia, we were attached to the municipality of Dmanisi. But the owners of the house where we were registered, died, but I just can not check out. Because of the Dmanisi registration, the Tbilisi authorities refuse to help us. This bureaucracy will ruin us ...
I can’t even get the children and me to go to the so-called state free canteens. Even one bread and this soup that they give out could be our salvation!
Five of the six children are schoolchildren, and Lala bitterly told us that they often had to skip classes. There is no hot water at home, there is often nothing to warm it, because of this, children rarely have the opportunity to swim. And let Lala can not afford to let go of the school of unwashed children.
- I studied well both at school and at the institute, when I had time to read a lot, and my knowledge was good. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to study with children at home.
- Lala, what do your children need most?
- Children grow out of clothes very quickly, everyone needs clothes. On the shoes, I generally keep quiet. There is almost no furniture, we need beds, children sleep on the floor! We often have to starve. But even when there are products, often they have nothing to prepare, there is no money to buy firewood. You need an electric stove, so as not to depend on firewood, you really need a refrigerator. If you cook something, without it everything quickly deteriorates, especially in summer!
Despite all the problems, kids are very kind and developed. The elders, after their father disappeared, took upon themselves the help of their mom about the housework and care for their younger brothers and sisters. 9-year-old twins Ketevan and Mariam really want to become translators and translate Georgian folk tales into foreign languages, because they do everything together. Younger 7-year-old Bejan and 8-year-old Anano dream of toys and sweets.
Little Tamar is only two years old, she is least aware of the plight of the family, because the older ones do not let her feel it!
- What do you dream kids?
Ketevan: We do not need anything, but Tamara needs diapers, in such a cold, if the baby gets wet, it can catch a cold and get sick. She also needs good nutrition. Look how thin she is!
Lala: See how beautiful they are, I thank God for that! - said Lala - I love my children very much, I want them to be happy, I want them to live in a society in which the words “mercy”, “kindness” and “sympathy” were always in the first place.
To survive, the Tsindeliani family is in dire need of food and children's medicine, hygiene products, school supplies, children's clothing and shoes!
Only by joint efforts can we relieve the inhuman