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This beautiful family lives with God!

Tevzadze family is a model of Christian love. They never lose heart and deeply believe that the Lord will send grace and everything will return to normal!
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         This large Tevzadze family is a model of Christian love. They never lose heart and deeply believe that the Lord will send grace and everything will return to normal! 

        A couple of years ago everything was good in their family. Children were growing up; they went to kindergarten and school; the mother took care of the household and the father worked hard to feed the family, buy clothes dress and shoes for the children, and ensure their normal development. 

     But all of a sudden, my father fell very ill; he quickly weakened and became the invalid of group I. And she practically cannot work!

       It is a real horror! There are six kids: the eldest is 10, and the youngest is 2 years old. They are deprived of nutritious food, warm clothes and shoes, sweets and toys – everything that is so dear to a child's soul! 

       "Now if we hold on, it is with the help of the guardian angel who sends us good people by the will of God. The arrival of your Fund in our lives is a vivid confirmation of that," – says Zina Tevzadze, mother of six children. We talked to her about her family's problems, needs, experiences and cherished dreams:

      – Does anyone help you? 

      Zina: Yes, they do. We have very friendly neighbors who helped to repair two rooms and a kitchen. We are very grateful to them. 

       – And you tell us the names of these good people? Let hundreds of thousands of our subscribers know them and say their thanks for you!

      Zina: I don't know... I'll ask their permission first, as they didn't do it for glory, they helped in a Christian way…

      – Does the State help you? 

      Zina: – We receive social allowance and Grandpa receives a pension. Sometimes our dinner consists only of bread and boiled water. 

– Have you ever been blamed of having given birth to six children, in view of the difficult financial situation?

      Zina: no one has told me that, but I heard that some people say... They say why give birth to children, if there is no possibility to support them? You know, we're a Christian family. If a child is conceived, I can't kill him, I'll burn in hell for murder! And children are a great happiness and blessing of God! For a woman living in the world, there can be no happiness higher than motherhood! And it wasn't so bad always…

      – Who are you by profession and would you like to work? 

     Zina: I'm an accountant. But there is no one to leave a small child with! All the kids are trying to help me, but as long as they are small I must watch over them. By the way, they help their father making candles for the Church. The father and the ten-year-old son are servants in the Church. 

      – Zina, what is your most cherished dream? 

      Zina: Oh, how good that you asked that question! When you write about it maybe someone would respond. I dream of at least a small plot of land to arrange a farming household... It would give the children an opportunity to work, and make them get used to work from childhood! I know there are many abandoned estates and plots in the villages. We are ready to move to the village, and to live and work there! 

     – What do your little angels dream about? 

      Ilya (5 years old):  I want "computa". At school they gave a laptop to my "sista", but my mom does allow me to play withit, she says it's for school… 

      Barbara (10 years old): I want to become an artist and I really need watercolor paints. When I have them, I'll draw my dream.

     – A what is your dream? 

      Barbara: I dream to see my father healthy! 

      Fotine (7 years old): And I dream to have a beautiful house!

      Ioan (9 years old): I dream of a new rucksack... and a warm jacket. Mine has torn already. Mom says there's no money for a new jacket, but we don't have money for new shoes either...

And 3-year-old Ketevan and 2-year-old Georgiy do not know yet what a "dream" is. Let us wish happiness, health and well-being to them and the other children of Tevzadze family. Let us help them to cope with their daily problems! Let us help them with food, warm clothes, bed linen and building materials, because they need to repair another room where it is impossible to live! 

These are our children, our future! They serve at Church and they believe in God! It means that the time will come, and they will help others, do good and give hope to people. But meanwhile they need our support and heartfelt attention! 

Here is the account of our Fund:  GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Tevzadze family). You can also make a donation directly from our website or transfer money from NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. In the "Charity" section, find our Fund and follow the instructions. 

Kindness coming from the heart will return to the one who makes good deeds!