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Girl between life and death

15-year-old Nino weighs only 20 kilograms. The girl suffers from epilepsy and hydrocephalus, diseases that sound like a sentence to any parent
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15-year-old Nino weighs only 20 kilograms. The girl suffers from epilepsy and hydrocephalus, diseases that sound like a sentence to any parent. For the past 15 years, this tiny creature has suffered from hellish pains, from constant seizures, from lack of air; she is not able to walk, does not speak, sees very badly, and does not respond to questions at all. Nino, so to speak, hangs between heaven and earth, “stuck” somewhere between life and death.
      Not many people on Earth who care for hopelessly ill children! And they are heroes in our understanding. Their love has no limits. They are love heroes! And on the site of the head of the social service of Georgia, we would mark such mothers with a medal. But he even took social assistance from them. God and judge!
 In contrast to the callous officials, we visited this family and saw terrible poverty !!! Due to lack of money, Nino's mother cannot even pay for the visit of the doctor ... For a sick child ?! Is not this a mess! Is it possible that the chief doctor of such a clinic should be kicked out of work ?! What kind of money? If we are talking about the life and death of a child? What do you think friends, we are wrong in the fund?
   Mother and daughter live in a tiny room of Khrushchev on a scanty pension sick girl.
  So how do they manage to survive? What do they live for and hope for? We talked about this with Ekaterina Eminadze, Nino's mother:
   - First of all, I can’t wait to ask a question - where is your husband, why doesn’t he help?
   Catherine: He died two years ago. When Nino was born, my husband lived with us for some time, but then he left the family and did not help at all in raising the girl. My mother helped me while she was healthy: she would bring food, help the baby to wash, then change diapers or just sit with her, and I slept at this time, as I was actually guarding the sick child at night. Attacks at Nino happen exactly at night, she gasps terribly, writhes ... I feel so bitter in my heart that I am about to lose her! So I have to fight for my daughter's every breath. Well, even the relatives helped, as they could ... so they were able to live to this day.
   - Does the state, in particular, the administration of your municipality help?
   Catherine: what's this about? 6 years ago, we were suspended by the issuance of social benefits; the social agent said that he had his own apartment, refrigerator, TV and something else and according to the law it was not allowed to give out money.
  - We will write about it and demand that they reconsider their decision, which is clearly wrong.
   Catherine: One hope only for your Foundation!
   -And did you seek help from local deputies? After all, you chose these people, and they live in prosperity, and even in luxury?
   Catherine: I'm so disappointed that I stopped going to the polls, well, I don’t believe these people. At least kill me ... I believe in God, I believe in the Virgin Mary, I believe that the Lord will not allow my daughter to die, will send his angels in the face of merciful and complacent people to help. Here you found us, visited, became interested in us - this is God's grace!
          - It is necessary to believe in God, Catherine, but in the Holy Scripture it is written: “Do not tempt the Lord, your God”, therefore you will not choose, no one will turn to ... In the end, only honest people can bring order to the country and everyone should look for them people in the elections. God will not vote for you and will not elect a good and kind person!
        Catherine: Of course! You can’t return anything back, you can’t put my girl on her feet anymore, but with the help of gracious people, you can ease the suffering and prolong her life. Through your Foundation I want to appeal to all people with a huge maternal request - good people help, do not let my daughter die!
   - What exactly do you need at the moment? What can people do for you?
    Catherine: maybe someone will pay for the visit of the doctor who will examine the spine of Nino. Recently, he has been particularly worried about her ... You know, I can't even buy an ordinary blender. It is necessary to crush food in a mortar, otherwise the girl will not be able to swallow food ... But I cannot buy special food, it is very expensive for me ... And yet, the main thing for us is medicines and constant medical observation of the sick girl.
   Friends, 15-year-old Nino is in such a sad state! God help her, save this innocent girl, ease her suffering, and insinuate the need for people to give her sincere and unselfish help!
   Nino Chutkerashvili needs medicines, hygiene supplies, an elementary blender, an orthopedic mattress, and special food.
   Join our charity event, open your hearts and fill the life of this blue-eyed poor girl with kindness and love.
   God bless you for good deeds!
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