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I want to feel my legs again!

I can no longer see how my family suffers with me!" Helplessness is the worst thing that can happen to a person!
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"I can no longer see my family taking pains over me! Helplessness is the worst thing that can happen to a person! I am unable to wash myself, get dressed, cook, even get out of bed, sit into the wheelchair and leave the room! You can't imagine how unbearable this is!" 

These words are the cry of the soul of a young 38-year-old woman. Marina Tsertsvadze became disabled in an instant. Sometimes one minute radically changes the life and puts everything upside down, and then forces us to fight and "restore order" in the crippled life. That's what happened to our beneficiary.

Marina Tsertsvadze: "You're not even forty years old, and it seems that life is over! Two years ago, I had a terrible accident. A car coming in the opposite direction crashed into our car where we were with our friends. We turned over three times, but I found out that later. At that moment, barely recovered, I looked around and saw that my friends were unharmed; they ran up to me and began to shout – "Get out of the car, it can explode!" But as soon as I tried to move, I felt a sharp pain in the spine, and realized that I cannot feel my legs! I thought they were cut off! Then I started choking, and a rib punctured my lung. It was so hard!"

Marina's recovery lasted a long time. While the treatment was going on, life and struggle seemed to make sense, there was no time to think about the consequences of the injury. But when she returned home, melancholy surged with incredible force. Marina's existence without movement lost its sense. A good benefactor helped the young woman to come to life again; he paid for the expensive rehabilitation course at a private clinic. Hope returned to Marina once again.

– Marina, did you manage to complete the treatment?

Marina: "My joy did not last long. I had to take a taxi to go to the treatment, and it was too expensive for the family budget. I started to skip classes, and then resigned to the fact that I would not be able to complete the course of rehabilitation. But I need to pass it again. The doctors said there is hope that even if I won't be able to get out of the wheelchair, at least I will be able to do something myself."

– And have you addressed the mayor or the Deputy for whom you voted? Who are they? Tell us their names, and we will write them that it is their duty and they swore about it in the Constitution of Georgia that they are obliged to take care of their compatriots in districts from which they received the power and privileges!

Marina: Yes, I always take part in elections. Last time I went by myself; this time they brought the box to my place. I do not hide that I voted for Salome Zurabishvili. I know the Deputy of our area too. Alexander Khujadze is a wonderful person. He visited me personally, and provided financial assistance. I am very grateful to him. 

Marina is bed-sitted by her sixty-year-old mother Nazy, who is helped by the younger son of the young woman, 19-year-old Dato. He cannot go to work, his mother always needs the help of his strong hands. Marina has another son, Giga, he is 21. He supports her as much as he can, and often takes her for a walk in the fresh air. But the young man cannot always be near his mother. Gigi has a family, a student wife and a 10-month-old child. 

Giga, son of Marina Tsertsvadze: "Before the accident, my brother and mother used to work together at the soap production plant. Mom is a stylist by profession, but for our sake she had left the salon. But it was easy and interesting to work together. The family needed nothing then. But everything changed, I got married, and my mom had the accident. I'm not working now either. My wife is a student, she needs to finish her studies and therefore the care of our baby is completely on me."   

The large family of Tsertsvadze lives in a two-room "apartment" in the building of the former cardiology Institute. The living space is not privatized. Recently the family collected all the documents, but their consideration is not yet complete. The entire family income is the pension of Marina's mother, social assistance and disability benefits. The family was included in the program of free meals at public canteens. But how could Marina go to take her food? They barely make ends meet! Only love to each other supports them. 

Nazy, Marina Tsertsvadze's mother: "There is no one to help my Marina; she divorced her husband many years ago. He was a gambler and sold everything from the house, and then mortgaged someone else's apartment on false documents. Marina remained in the street with two children. Marina divorced him and on the friends' advice moved into the building voluntarily. We're not the only ones here, there are 120 other families. We are waiting for the opportunity to privatize the housing." 

Marina's health has deteriorated recently. Legs began to swell, there were problems with breathing, the city hall allocated money for medical examination for Marina Tsertsvadze. But their assistance does not apply to anything more. All the medicines that the woman will be prescribed by doctors, Marina will have to buy by herself. Just the thought of it makes her scared.

Marina Tsertsvadze: "I will need to undergo treatment again. Medicines are very expensive, and belong to the group that is not financed from the budget of the municipality. Their purchase is almost impossible for us! And after treatment, I will need urgent rehabilitation which is done only at private clinics. And the family cannot even dream about some financial support from the local government. But if I do not recover now, my condition will get worse! And I want to feel my legs again so much!"

Dear friends, it depends only on us how we will be able to take advantage of opportunities, and how we will break stereotypes! 

Help is not always needed only for children or the elderly, but also for such young, hopeful people as Marina Tsertsvadze! 

It is in our power to give the woman an opportunity not only to passively accept the help of her relatives, but also to provide it to them, and to be with them!

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