Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Life in hell!

When we see such horrors, we ask each other in the Fund, for whose sins these unfortunates carry such pain through life !!!
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      When we see such horrors, we ask each other in the Fund, for whose sins these unfortunates carry such pain through life !!!
     And we have the answer for a long time: the Lord will take care of them, because He wants to see in us real believers - true Christians, merciful and compassionate to someone else's grief! And unhappy through good people - gives faith, hope and love for God!
          Khvicha Lagvilava, 38, has suffered from a profound mental disorder since he was born. He is bedridden in a hopeless state, mumbles like an animal, constantly vomits and throws, instead of a pillow he often lays down a log, rushes at all living things, and a shrill howl constantly comes from his habitat.
    The only person he admits to himself is his own mother! Only she is able to calm the sick son, hug him and cuddle!
    This is what the mother's heart means - it also illuminates the many sinners of hell!
    We visited this family, sneakly photographed Khvich and talked to his mother, 65-year-old Mimosa Lagvilava:
    - Tell me, has Khvich ever been treated?
Mimosa: in childhood he was examined, twice taken to Tbilisi, where they said that the disease is not treatable. He showed aggression from childhood, but when he was small, it was not as difficult to cope as at present. Now, just quiet horror. It is closed in the room, otherwise it will run away into the street and harm someone, it may bite or hit on the head with something ...
        Is your heart wounded for sure?
        Mimosa: would you know how my soul suffers ?! God save all mothers from such a fate. My tears have long dried up, but my heart cannot get used to it, that my son is ominously doomed to ruin.
      - and how do you care for him?
      Mimosa: he lets me go. I feed him, bathe him in a basin, take out a ship, give medicines, of course, when they are. It is very difficult to cope with it, especially for me it is difficult to turn over Hitch, because he weighs more than 80 kg.
     What is the income of your family?
      Mimosa: we get social benefits and retirement. All the money goes to simple food and medicines, which are very expensive. I still have an older son, but he is unemployed, he can’t even get seasonal work as a loader. Not married. And how can he marry? Which daughter in law will come to our house? My heart bleeds when I think that insidious fate broke my life and my eldest son.
      - where is your husband?
     Mimoza: yes that he failed. He left us shortly after the birth of his sick son and since then has not been in touch, I don’t even know where he is. One time I tried to find him, but I could not ...
      - and what kind of comforts in which you live?
     Mimosa: this is the barrack of a former citrus farm that existed during the Soviet era, and then collapsed. Found a shelter here and live. True, we do not know when they will drive us out of here. The building is dilapidated, unfinished, but at least there is a roof over your head and you don’t have to sleep outside.
    - what do you most need?
   Mimosa (crying): Oh, yes, we are poor, almost hungry, but most of all we need medicines. Son, first of all, needs sedatives, and I need medicines, but where can I get the money? I walk with a stick, I hardly move my legs, but for now I hold on. But if I die, what will happen to my poor son? This thought torments me terribly ...
     - Have you asked for help from local authorities, deputies?
      Mimoza: I contacted the local municipality about examining my son, but it was very long and to no avail. Since then, I have not gone anywhere.
       - addressed to deputies?
      Mimosa: No, I didn’t apply ...
      - Mimosa, you understand that if you do not seek help, no one will help you. Why do not you contact the state psychiatric clinics, because they are free? And deputies for this purpose are elected to help such mothers. And they will not help - we will write to the whole country that they are rascals and so that they will no longer choose them! We are read by more than half a million people!
      Mimosa (crying): we are downtrodden, dark people covered in grief. Thank you very much to your Foundation for finding us, comforting, giving advice. I believe that the Lord sent you to us. Maybe this is our salvation?
    -Do you have a secret dream?
    Mimosa: my dream is to die with my sick son. I do not want to go to the other world, leaving him here in complete impotence. While I live, he breathes, and his son's breath is my breath .... At night, when he finally stops writhing and falls asleep, I quietly stand at the icon and pray, I cry to the Lord, to have mercy and forgive all our sins!
        Friends, here in such a horrific state is the family Hvichi Lagvilava. These people themselves isolated themselves from the outside world, and they did this not on purpose, but out of ignorance, from lack of education. First of all, that's why they need help! They say that when a child is sick, his mother is also sick with him, but her pain is stronger because she has a soul! It’s impossible to cure Hitch, but it’s quite realistic to make his mother easier to take care of him!
      Good people, help this great mother woman! Here is her address: the city of Poti, the territory of the former citrus state farm 
     This family needs medicines, hygiene items, food, bedding, and household appliances.
      If someone does not have time to come and express at least her support to her, this is our account. We will certainly also help this kind woman and report back to you for each tetri spent: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (assignment: Khvicha Lagvilava). You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation.
     To do good, to help the weak, to make the world better — all this is laid in every person, and what is laid must be used! God help you!