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Giorgi Janashia needs our help!

From severe pain, the baby bites his hands and beats his head against the wall!
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When you feel bad in your soul - do not anger God, do not fall into despair - this is a sin! Tomorrow everything will be even better than your dream! And this unfortunate boy will not be better ... he is doomed! The doctor is a scoundrel, And now the child is doomed to hell torment! A kid who has done no evil to anyone has started a terrible disease - dropsy of the brain,
 12-year-old George Janashia suffers from brain hydrocephalus. This is a terrible disease, which is accompanied by numerous side effects, including mental retardation.
The teenager practically does not hear, does not react to external stimuli, constantly rushes about and does not find a place for himself, cannot talk at all, but only makes some squeaky sounds. He has a peritoneal shunt installed in his head, which supports his viability, otherwise, the child will die.
They live in a decrepit wilderness, in terrible conditions and half-starved, without any hope of survival and on the verge of terrible despair.
We asked Georgy’s mother, Tamuna, a few questions.
- How did you find yourself in this room, Tamuna?
Tamuna: - Before marriage, I lived in Tbilisi, but when I started a family, I moved to my husband in Martvili. We lived happily, wanted to have a big family. But the birth of George has changed our whole life ...
- And how was the pregnancy? Were there any complications?
Tamuna: No, everything was fine, we were waiting for a healthy first-born! But during childbirth by negligence, medical workers dropped the boy. Due to the fall, he suffered a brain injury. So his hydrocephalus is not congenital but acquired. And so it turned into huge grief that crippled the fate of our entire family!
- And you had to drop everything and move to the capital?
Tamuna: - Yes, there are no conditions in Martvili, and it became impossible to care for such a seriously ill child! I had an apartment in Tbilisi, but because of George, I had to sell it ... now we live in this apartment, barely making ends meet. My husband stayed in the village, from where he helps us, he works as a laborer. My parents help me with raising my son, I myself can’t cope ...
- It is very hard, but George can somehow explain what bothers him?
Tamuna: - He cannot be left alone for a second. He cannot speak, cannot say that he has a pain ... with strong attacks, he starts to beat his fists on the head, starts to beat against the wall with his head, and I understand that he is suffering terribly ... but he cannot say anything. He has to keep him pressed all the time, so he can hurt himself. Right now his grandfather hugs him so that he does not bite his hand, you can imagine what a nightmare it is!
- Yes, it is even scary to imagine. And how does George’s little brother, Luke, react to this?
Tamuna: - Oh, that my boy has to worry ... he is 5 years old. He is afraid of his brother ... really wants to hug him, but he is afraid. Sometimes he cries and looks into my eyes, asks to take him to his father. But when he is there, he asks dad to bring him back.
- Does the state help you?
Tamuna: - we get social benefits. Another municipality pays me the rent of this room ... and that's it.
- Did you go to the polls? To the deputies appealed for help?
Tamuna: - yes, she applied, but my son needs a month for 1000 GEL, who can help me?
- Tamuna, you understand that if you do not talk about your problem, no one will help you. Deputies for this purpose are elected to help such mothers. And if they do not help, we will write to the whole country, call their names and surnames! There are a lot of Georgia!
Friends, Tamara Janashia is one caring for a sick child. When he was 2 years old, she sold the house and sent all the proceeds to the treatment of her son. Perhaps, thanks to these efforts, George is alive today, but he needs money to continue maintaining his health, but where do you get them from? 200 GEL as a social benefit and a pension in the amount of 180 GEL is the entire income of this family, which lives in extreme poverty.
Tamuna: - I know that my son will never be like others, - Tamara says barely holding back tears - but I still hope that a miracle will happen through treatment, his condition will improve a little ... But how, with what means to treat him I often do not even have money for food ... because this unfortunate child cannot even swallow mashed food, but how can I buy yogurt every day? I can not imagine how to continue to live! I really need, crying from my helplessness and constantly praying the Lord that there will be people in the life of my son who will give him a helping hand.
Friends, George today needs your help, in your good heart! Of course, because of the terrible disease, he does not understand what is happening to him, he just hurts, where and how he cannot even say that ... but we understand that ?! Let's help the selfless mother to survive in this difficult struggle for the life of her son, let's give her hope for the best! They need literally everything - medicine, hygiene.
accessories, food ...
Friends, be merciful! Funds to assist Georgy Janashia you can transfer to the account of our fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Georgy Janashia), or pay from our website
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Who wants to visit this family personally, you can call your mother at 598287902 address: Lechkhumi street, №6.
Help the needy, warm their hearts, give them hope and ... thereby prolong life!