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Big problems little Nini

The fact is that 13 years ago, a tiny girl Nini was born, who was diagnosed with a terrible disease - spinal amyotrophy.
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High in the mountains, on the pass connecting Tbilisi with Kakheti, the village of Patara Chailouri was lost in a dense forest grove. People live here gray and poorly, being content only with little, and God forbid, if a “disease” emerges from their home, from which very few people escape.
This is how this Rostiashvili family, which has been in a depressed condition and in constant fear for more than ten years. The fact is that 13 years ago, a tiny girl Nini was born, who was diagnosed with a terrible disease - spinal amyotrophy. This insidious disease chained the child to the wheelchair: he atrophied the muscles of the body, paralyzed his legs, practically deprived of speechlessness, but retained his mental ability. And this means that Nini realizes her impotent and painful condition, which certainly torments her wounded and sensitive childish soul!
Frequent attacks of suffocation, turning into shrill cough and fainting, have become an integral part of the life of this innocent sweet girl.
Reading these lines, many of you, perhaps with compassion for the child, felt a tingling in the heart. Now imagine what its mother has to do, who holds her own child’s choking body at least once a week ?!
46-year-old Asmat Rostiashvili is a true heroine who bears the heavy cross of fate with honor, and if Nini is still alive, then this is certainly due to her warm caring motherly hands!
      We talked with Asmat about her family, about the child, about the needs, about what exactly our Foundation can do for little Nini:
     - Asmat, tell me, how do you manage to cope with childcare, because you live in terrible poverty and misery?
Asmat: I dedicate my life to my girl! Yes, she is sick! Yes, she is absolutely powerless, but this is my daughter and I am obliged to do everything for her to live as long as possible. It is very difficult to care for the sick in such dreadful living conditions, with such a scant material income, but what to do? I have to dodge somehow, deprive myself of the elementary ... if only my daughter was breathing and not dying ...
- Does she have choking attacks often?
Asmat: a week, or even two ... I call an ambulance from the district center, but until the brigade arrives at our village, the child may die. Therefore, she learned to take urgent measures. We have tubes for sanitation, an oxygen supply device, and an inhaler. All this was presented at the Tbilisi clinic, where Nini was lying two years ago. While there is enough, but what will happen tomorrow, I do not know, I am very afraid!
     -And you asked for help from the authorities of the municipality?
Asmat: she appealed many times to help somehow put the house in order ... Our house is very old and can crumble at any time. While all promise ...
- And this is another pain on your head huh?
Asmat: our house was once a good one, but now it has come into complete disrepair. Rising to the second floor means risking life; either the stairs will collapse or the ceiling will fall on your head. Here we are huddled in this small room on the first floor, where there is neither water, nor gas, nor a bathroom. There are no funds for repairs, and there is not enough power for it. My husband, Nini’s father, who is actually disabled, has undergone several operations on his stomach, constantly crouching, worried about his ulcer. I look after him too. So what to do? such is my fate!
-What do you live for?
Asmat: my daughter’s disability pension and social benefits. Thank God that at least it is. I heard that many families in need are being suspended from cash aid. I feel sorry for them, because it is difficult for people to survive, why this state cannot understand? Or maybe she does not want?
-Didn’t they try to take Nini to school, did socialization matter a lot?
Asmat: tried, but the child could not cope with emotions. When I saw children running around, she seemed hurt, besides, she could not speak articulately, so she was ashamed ... But I work with her at home, taught me how to write and read, count and draw. The baby is very sensitive. Once she told me: “Why do you need such a daughter as me, only torment with me. We both suffer ... "
         - All your dreams are connected with your daughter, right?
Asmat: Yes it is. I was told that there is one vaccine that costs a lot of money and can put it on its feet. I don’t know how true this is, but in any case, we are never destined to get it. The course, it turns out, costs about half a million lari. It is difficult for us to get money for bread, so what is it about? All the time in fear - the child is bad, then her husband, then the pipe broke, then the leaking ceiling needs to be repaired. That's how I live in constant anxiety.
        “I’ll talk to Nini right now, and you help me so that she doesn’t be embarrassed, okay?”
Asmat: Oh, she is happy ... The girl really wants to communicate, however, she is embarrassed by her slurred speech.
        -Nini, what are you dreaming about?
Nini (13 years old): I dream (approx. Thought) ... to walk like everyone else, so that there are no attacks ... so that my mother would set the table and .... that guests would visit us often!
      - What do you love most?
I like to draw. I have water colors, though they are ending, but my mother said she would try to get new ones ...
-Here I look at your drawings and see that you love to draw birds?
Nini: I love birds very much. See, this is my parrot. I even talk to him. Now I want to draw a firebird, it is all so golden, beautiful ... It works wonders, I believe in it (smiles, - note).
-And you do not want to go to school, or rather “ride” in a wheelchair?
Nini: the road is bad ... but I still don't want to. The head is spinning and there is not enough air. I want to be with mom more.
-What do you want to have at the moment?
Nini: Oh, I dream of a laptop, you can learn English there, read stories, you can communicate with children, it will be more fun ...
     - Nini, we wish you fulfillment of your desires, as well as health and good mood. We are always with you!
       What do people think about passing by someone else's misfortune? "He will be helped" or "He is strong, he will cope." Fallacy ... People passing by shift the responsibility on each other. A vicious circle ... And only time does not listen to anyone and does not ask, it leaves ... But if one person shows a good example, others will repeat! So, be this kind person!
     Dear readers, dear fathers and mothers, help little Nini and her family in their difficult struggle with insidious fate! They believe in you and are waiting for a miracle!
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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love! May God protect you!