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Children are angels on earth.

How does Guránde Torua manage to cope with seven children, what does she expect and dream about - these and other questions we asked a 37-year-old mother
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When our journalists entered the dwelling of this great Mother, they were horrified: the walls covered with mold, the stench from a failed sewage system and the concrete floor along which little angels run. There are people who commit a terrible sin, speaking on our page with the words: “why did you give birth if there was no money?”.
    We answer this way - in such a way that the Lord God so desired! So that His angels on earth become more, and we ourselves could display our Christian qualities: love and compassion!
     We will never allow anyone to offend Mother with such words. Jesus didn’t even condemn the "walking" woman to the crowd, saying, "who has no sin, let him throw a stone at her." And the woman about whom we will tell is a real heroine! She raises 7 wonderful children for the Motherland. Is this not a feat ?! Think about the feelings that God gives us to experience when we see angels !. Rich or poor - they always cause us heartfelt joy and we invariably remember Christ !!!
   How does Guránde Torua manage to cope with seven children, what does she expect and dream about - these and other questions we asked a 37-year-old mother with many children:
    - Guranda, how do you manage to survive in such difficult conditions?
Guranda: with God's help, with the help of kind people, thanks to the fact that I am still young and while there is energy ... and, of course, my family is bound by great love. We keep on that, but I can’t say what will happen tomorrow, I’m very afraid to think about it.
-Tell me about yourself, where did you come from when you got married?
Guranda: I am a refugee from Abkhazia, in 1993, at the age of 12, I had to leave my native land. When I was 20 years old I got married, lived like normal, my husband worked, raised four children, but then he left us. I don’t even know the reason. I have not seen him since; they say that he went to Russia, and there he fell seriously ill ...
   -And the other three children from the second marriage, right?
Guranda: Yes, I remarried, but to my sorrow - again unsuccessfully. The second husband left us a year and a half ago and went to Kakheti. He comes a year a couple of times and visits the children, but it doesn’t help, since he himself is unemployed and a beggar. But, thank God - loves children. And thanks to God for that!
    - Who helps you? Have you turned to local authorities, deputies or the Ministry for Refugees for help?
Guranda: I'll start with the fact that my mother helped me with the housework. But a year ago, she fell and damaged the reed. Since then, it is very difficult for her to move, and her age, 75 years old, makes itself felt. Sometimes neighbors help, give old furniture, even give a TV, bring food to children, but they themselves are refugees and have a material need. The municipality annually provides us with firewood, but the Ministry of Refugees promises to renovate housing from year to year, but for the time being promises remain promises.
   - Why don't you ask for help from the deputies so that they can help in this matter? The deputies are elected to help mothers like you. Be sure to consult, and if they do not help, we will write to the whole country that they are not doing their duty. More than half a million people read us - do you know about this?
     -Guranda: I pray for your foundation; believe me, I say it sincerely. The help you provided last year helped us to survive, in the literal sense of the word. Products that you brought, enough for 4 months. Yes, 4 months my children did not starve, and I was calm. They still walk in the clothes you brought. Thank you for visiting us again, may the Lord bless you!
-What is the room where you live?
Guranda: this is the former dacha of the Ministry of Finance of the Georgian USSR. In 1994, refugees from Abkhazia were settled here. 16 families live here, but the situation is the worst of all. 8 people huddled 47 sq. M. meters, even the gas can not bring, so how can I get money for it, and where the gas stove to get it? Social allowance and allowance for large families, which I receive, goes for food, utilities and medication.
     - Children often get sick?
Guranda: I’ll start by saying that Anano needs eye surgery, as her eyeballs have been damaged since birth. Andrias is now sick with measles, but in general we are so “wound up” - if one gets sick, then everyone will have the same illness. This, of course, due to disastrous living conditions.
    - Do women who raise 7 children, is there any cherished dream?
Guranda: you correctly noted that for a mother who has 7 children, the main dream is the happiness of her children. I dream that we have a warm, cozy house, that my kids grow up to be worthy citizens of society and bring people benefits.
    -Let's talk with the kids now. Guram, did you just come from school and tell us about her?
Guram: I study in 7th grade. I like to go to school, but sometimes I miss it ... when it rains. I don't have a jacket. I love math, I go to a technical circle and ... I want to be an engineer.
- What are you dreaming now?
Guram: I dream of a laptop. If I have it, I can search for different tasks at home.
ki and puzzles on the internet and train ...
- Barbara, what are you dreaming about?
   Barbara: I dream of a beautiful home, where I could invite my classmates ... We never celebrate birthdays. Mom says there is no money ... and you want it so much ?!
  -What class are you in?
   Barbara: I am also in the 7th grade, but I don’t linger at school for a long time, I run home after classes to help my mom care for one year old Katie.
-Guests, are you helping mom too?
  Gogi: yes, I help cut firewood.
 -What are you dreaming about?
 Gogi: I dream of a hoverboard. This is a roller board on which you can ride. The neighbor guy has, and he sometimes borrows. I like physical education very much in school, I run the hundred meters best in the class. I also love to read ...
   -Anano, well, what are you dreaming about?
Anano: I dream of a mobile phone, so that I can call my mother from school and find out how my little brother and sister can bring bread or something else ...
   - What class are you in? Do you go to circles?
Anano: I'm in 4th grade. I don’t go to circles because my eyes hurt, it is difficult to read and write. Mom has no money to do the surgery ...
  -Anamaria, I know that you go to kindergarten. Like there?
Anamaria: Yes, I like it. In the kindergarten a lot of toys and Marina teacher always gives me to play with dolls.
  -So you dream about a doll?
Anano: I really want to have a Barbie doll ... Well, at least someone would give it to me ...
       ... 3-year-old Andria, who is suffering from measles, is all weak, he firmly pressed against his mother and looks at everything around him with sadness; one-year-old Kate grabbed her older sister by the neck and finally stopped crying; Gogi with their small hands cuts firewood, and the rest of the children are heated near a home-made stove ... That's how this large family lives, in poverty and darkness, but in love and friendship. And how can they not help?
     This family needs medicines, hygiene items, food, children's clothing, bedding, beds, a refrigerator, and household appliances.
      If someone does not have time to come and give them at least support - this is our account. Well, we will certainly help this large family and report back to you for each tetri spent: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: the Toru family). You can also transfer money from our site.
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